Do you know the meaning of „Salon hanging“ or „Petersburg hanging“? It has got its name from the opulently covered walls of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and means the practice of hanging artworks close together and filling the entire wall. Soon you will be able to see this kind of presenting artworks in Düsseldorf […]

With the theme Art is Environment and Environment is Art, Urban and Street Art Festival Baladk returned in October 2020 for its 8th edition. With 17 local artists raising awareness on environmental changes and waste management, 18 new murals stand as strong reminders for the local communities to take care of the planet. The pictures […]

HoF Unterführungsstraße has got a number of new portraits since my last visit in April. Next to Anna Littsa’s Frida Kahlo, her daughter DEMOKURA has eternalized a portrait of her favourite musician Dorian Elrctra, and no – the work hasn’t been crossed This moustache is quite deliberate; the popular American singer, songwriter, and performance artist […]

Hall of Fame Alte Kaserne is a playground for artists of all stripes from near or far. And they all are very well prepared to fire out of all cans. DOM45 EULE x HOBEL x TAIR MGS POUT x OREO x PERN more pictures -> click

The newest work of Anna Littsa aka FOXY, depicting Frida Kahlo, was the trigger for this post. Frida Kahlo – who doesn’t know her, the charismatic Mexican artist with the characteristic eyebrows and the light lady’s beard? She is an artist, whose life was marked by pain, suffering and her love for the painter Diego […]

First and foremost, this walk was overshadowed by the realisation that yet another new name will be added to the wall of remembrance for the friends who died ahead of time. The crewmates of the GOOD BOYS have painted a number of pieces, to commemorate FANZ, who passed away on 13.4.22. Around the corner I […]

I had already seen it during my last visit in Duisburg’s Emscherhalle, that little side note „R.I.P. FANZ“ next to a piece of graffit, but the bad news wouldn’t get into my head. Not long ago, in January, FANZ & CHEZ (GBS) had left their Buisiness card there. My next visit was HoF Auf der […]

At HoF Unterführungsstraße, colour comes up to the eye of the viewer, and I am again and again amazed and surprised, at how the scenery has changed in just 4 weeks. This walk was dominated by the characters of Anna Littsa aka FOXY and Frank Sirius besides the usual suspects. Anna Littsa aka FOXY Anna […]

After the decline of heavy industry the network of railway tracks, formerly used for the delivery of raw materials to the blast furnace plants, was developed into a pedestrian and bycicle path network. The „Green Path“ is in the top 10 of my favorite halls. It delivers an irresistible mixture of nature, art and industrial […]

HoF Emscherhalle is situated in Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord. When I was a school kid, I very often wished I could find a way into this mysterious place where steel was cooked. It was steaming, fizzling and glowing at all corners and as much as I wanted to, entry was of course strictly forbidden and impossible. […]