40° Urban Art Festival is an event that happens every two odd years in Düsseldorf. But of course, they are active with events in the intervening years too. After they had designed an abandoned warehouse at Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz in the year 2015, they now strike out to their second blow with a condemned house in Düsseldorf […]

When Hafendampf changes the profile picture, its time for a yippie yah yei – means: yes there will be a new Hafendampf in the nearest future! On the 1st and 2nd of September the graffity community of North Rhine Westfalia and friends meet in Frilledorf at Franz Fischer Weg for one more spray weekend. I […]

06/2014 KONT x WERT 10/2014 PILZ 09/2015 ALF UGLS IBTB CVA TV et al. 03/2016 ESOR ECHOS et al. 01/2018 PALAS „CHESTER BENNINGTON“ More pictures of HoF Zollstraße -> click Location  

This must be heaven! It has rained all night and temperatures have fallen sharply. The heat wave has left our region for Berlin and temperatures are more like a central European summer. A white-blue sky and a fresh breeze, finally, one can breath deeply again. So, nothing to do but go for the Donau. My last […]


Vandalism – this is a commonly-used term that does not roll trippingly off my tongue. This term is often used when people talk about graffiti and do not know that much about this kind of art. Who reads my blog knows, I have a positive attitude for graffiti; legal or not, that is not what […]

BEYOND2WORLDS B2W – Escape Crew HoF Rummelsburg (2015)

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