Mecklenburgische Straße 32 in June 2018 was a playground for the 1st Berlin Mural Fest. My Berlin friend has got the information that the excavators will start rolling this week. That is really sad and I mourn for the past and a number of pieces of art, which had to be remembered as extraordinary. For […]

Until just now I hadn’t heard about Mellowpark, which ended now with some pictures my Berlin friend has sent to me. As ever, www-egghead knows about it. It is a BMX and skateboard property in Treptow-Köpenick. Graffiti seems to be part of their maketing strategy. At present they house a magical undersea scenery. Unfortunately I […]

10/2014 02/2015 & 09/2015 01/2018 & 04/2018 07/2018 More pictures of HoF Zollstraße -> click Location

They have looked and found. That is what is said about a good match, when everything comes together. The time when the two single writers, KIBE and BIRD join and grew to a team, was over long before I came across and found one of their pieces. But even a newbe like me could see […]

Berlin is moving fast and who knows if these pieces, found by my Berlin friend 6 days ago at Hall of Fame Rummelsburger Bucht, are still there. He has conserved them as a precaution.    

An expierience I often have is, taking pictures in the streets, passerbys ask themselves what the hell is that woman taking pictures of there? I see them hesitate and look to the direction, the camera points out, which is mostly contrary to the normal lines of sight, a pedestrian commonly has. The new mural at […]

This wall in Bochum at Königswall, near Tana Schanzara Platz, once was a high class paste-up spot, occupied mainly by KSA, a local artist. What happened? The change has struck again.

That’s the way of my Berlin friend to wish a nice weekend. My comment (if I would comment it), would be: meditation can be confusing and irritating, even when the eyes of the spirital leader are in the right position. My recommandation: better keep your eyes closed participating this concerts for meditation.

… they probably will get out of DortmunderU, where they currently populate the staircase, to point out the Pink Floyd Exhibition, and fly away to Adler 59. They would have maximum pleasure there with a lot of new pieces; as for me Adler 59 never disappoints – never! As was proofed again yesterday, when I […]

Graffiti scene in the Ruhr Area is diverse and when you ask me to make a decision and name my favorites, I have to declare, that I am completely overstrained with that. What I can say about my personal affinities is, that they are changing all the time, due to the pieces popping up frequently, […]