Seen today in passing S1 heading Solingen at Essen main station

I like to track the changes of the graffiti spots in my hometown. In more or less larger intervals I have visited them and took pictures of always the same walls and spots. In the course of the time this lead to a number of articles dealing with the change. Villenweg, next to Steele Ost […]

Wintertime is not my favorite season. In my region it mostly has nasty wet and cold weather and there isn’t a lot going on at our graffiti hot spots. But sometimes winter shows, that it has much more to offer. Yesterday I have visited a friend who lives next to Essen Steele Ost railway stop. […]

Am Freistein muralists Jan Schoch & Olli Rose aka TEAM FORCE&FIRE have to deal with adverse circumstances; this was certainly planned different, but then winter took over and had an important role to play. At first unfortunately the rain started, followed by snow and ice. Colours froze and had to be thawed as well as […]

Wintertime is long and awful and in my region the weather mostly is not good enough for postcards, but more like nasty weather. February is the month, which often offers at least some snow, but it mostly ends in mud quickly. The colours are dark and grey and so I was very pleased by the […]

Wesel is a small town in North-Rhine Westfalia on the northwest edge of the Ruhr area and really not known as a hotspot for graffiti and street art. Due to this it is not on the normal routes I frequently have under review. I have found this wall by means of a tip of a […]

RE3 seen today in passing Duisburg main station REGS, TKA and others

My Berlin friend has sent me a number of pictures of a new painting at the facade of a house at Schönhauser Allee / Kastanienallee, which  has recently been refurbished. Nothing was to be found out about the artist, who surely is in best tradition of Gert Neuhaus. This style I would call pseudo-architecture, because […]

Our area gets snow very rarely, and if it does, then total traffic chaos breaks out immediately. Facing the first snowflake, motorists immediately forget how to drive their vehicles and in a moment, the whole country becomes a parking lot. Then its better to stay at home and wait for a thaw.

My Berlin friend has made a walk at hall of fame Mauerpark and found a number of stunning portraits of EME, Berlin based artist with Afro-Caribbean roots, who was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I must confess, I’m eager for more of that stuff.   Instagram