One remark in my own interest

In September 2016

Concentrating on the topic street art I more and more felt the need to get more information about art in public space, its protagonists, techniques and the unwritten rules of the scene.

In the beginning I had a hard time understanding, what was behind art in public space and my wish to learn and know more was big enough to find out more information beyond the delight of a piece of art. I discovered similarities and characteristcs in style and began to establish and share a database of artists and techniques you’ll find here. To get information was not easy, as a lot of the protagonists of this art form are anxious to protect their privacy for they often sail close to the wind. Nevertheless there are informations from sources available to the public as print media, Facebook and Homepages and I  have not had a doubt that it is allowed to use these informations for my database.

This situation changed recently when I was contacted by an artist who asked me to modify the text related to him and naturally I’ve done it as requested. I think it important to note that I do not want to intrude someones privacy. If it is desired to modify a text related to an artist, I will of course comply with this wish without discussion. I respect personal rights and do my best to avoid shooting persons.

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