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Goch history meets Streetart

From the beginning of this year, Covid 19 and the pandemic disease has mixed up my plans for the upcomiing year. My Berlin trip in March was cacelled and I was extremely sad, when I found out that Hafendampf had fallen victim to Corona (#FUCKCORONA). Anyway, even in times of Corona, or better – especially […]

Frohnhausen knitting guerilla

Essen Frohnhausen is not on my daily routes and so its not easy to observe the changes. But yes, there are nice people who know about my street art mania and make street art a subject of conversation. So they often draw my attention to something unusual they have spotted on their daily routes and […]


From time to time and with a bit of luck you’ll meet the pieces of this street artist in Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hannover or wherever. Knitting is a form of art which is mainly practised by women and if I may venture a guess, then I suppose this artist to be a woman. Knitting is […]