Archiv für den Monat Februar 2019

Notes from a Berlin friend

Berlin is always good for a surprise! Well, what about that? My friend told me about some very special findings during his latest excursion in Berlin. I think that I would have passed those pieces and might not have recognized them to be made by  SENOR SCHNU (except the first one). The others seem to […]


I do not know how others are doing, but for me the change is a topic that keeps me busy. Creative quarter north and Viehofer Straße in particular, is worth watching regularly. A number of creatives live and work here and the change is a constant companion there. Paste-Up; EIKE & COSY et al.; Viehofer […]

Dogs, do you want to live forever?

It often is said that man’s best friend is the dog. I have no idea if thats the truth, but it seems that there is some sincere core in it for artists, who often take dogs as sympathy carriers to transport their messages. A few days ago I have found a masked Bulldog in Cologne’s […]

It’s a long way to Santiago de Compostela …

… and who would have thought that the way guides over HoF Dortmund Wambel! But it’s the truth. In Dortmund Wambel next to the horse race track and Knappschaftskrankenhaus, don’t be astonished to find the sign of a scallop at the trees of the path. Talweg is part of the old pilgrim route Camino de […]

Happy Birthday Gert Neuhaus

Berlin looks back to a history of more than 40 years of mural painting and has captured one of the top positions of European street art cities. As one of the men of the first hour and the grandfather of Berlin mural painters, Gert Neuhaus is an important participant in the design of post-war Berlin. […]

HoF Auf der Donau in February

It seems that there was a wake up call and the writers wake up after hibernation little by little. Our halls have begun to change the colours and the year 2019 takes up speed. STUK CR Crew SIR & GSOX MR.PILZ More pictures of HoF Auf der Donau in February -> click Location


S6 heading Köln-Nippes Seen today in passing Essen main station

One Thing is for sure – The Change

OPOSSUMGÄNG 04/2018 OPOSSUMGÄNG 02/2019 More pictures of HoF Zollstraße in February -> click Location  

HoF Villa RÜ in February

What a nice day! It seems that spring breaks through in early February this year, and so this morning there was nobody to stop me. When I reached Villa RÜ the first piece which came in sight was a new one of KEDO and then my problems began. Do you know the ultimate Pink Floyd […]


Seen today in passing S1 heading Solingen at Essen main station