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HoF Auf der Donau in September

This cactus is turning out to be a bloody challenge cup! I had just learned that this character was not created by BRES, but by Nick Knite. Only a little later, another of these prickly little guys is found at HoF Auf der Donau. PABO, about whom I unfortunately know nothing, is apparently the one […]

Martha Margarete at Creative Quarter North

Installations are rarely to be found in Essen’s public space. They have the survival chance of a snowflake in hell. The foot troopers of the city cleaning company mercilessly remove everything that doesn’t fit in with the normal outfit of a modern city centre, and anything that escapes this clean-up frenzy finds a lover who […]

HoF Auf der Donau in September

With a big fat grin I was welcomed at Hall of Fame Auf der Donau this morning. I hadn’t seen it for a long time and had already missed my Mister Earthworm. So he still exists – which makes me personally very happy. It does me good, that naughty grin. A few metres further on, […]

HoF Villa RÜ in September

This cat looks harmless, but make no mistake and beware, this is not a kitten! The claws are filed to a needle point. Somehow I can identify with this little animal. That excuse „Sorry Mum – Gone to REAL“ could be mine! And many greetings back! BARIO LYP CVA x BYE MR. PILZ DEBIL x […]

HoF Villa RÜ in August

OK – There is a fiftyfifty chance that I am right to name the true originator of this funny cactus. Last time I was bloody wrong and it wasn’t BRES who had painted it. This time I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, this cactus was made by NICK KNITE. I’m […]

Graffiti Gallery Essen Steele has got a face lifting

Sure, I’ve actually said it often enough, but better safe than sorry, and lest there be any doubt: this is not a legal wall, it’s a graffiti gallery. Entry is free for everyone. The only condition: Leave your cans at home and keep your hands off! CVA DEMON x BRES x BRICKS & DRIPS COCONUT […]

Folkwang und die Stadt – Folkwang and the City

Do people still come to the museum to find answers, or does the museum have to approach people and meet them where the questions arise in their immediate living environment? From 21 May to 7 August 2022, Essen’s City North will become the venue for numerous projects that unite culture, city and life. They are […]

Gertrudisstraße 1 has got a new face

The image of Essen’s northern quarter is to be polished up and the residents of the quarter should be able to identify more with their district. To this end, Vonovia has hired Essen based artist Gabor Doleviczenyi (Zinnober), who has redesigned the façade of Gertrudisstraße 1 under the motto „I am where I live“. Gertrudisstraße […]

HoF Auf der Donau in July

What is that?! Masked or not, this little guy has crossed my path several times. Just recently on Viehofer Straße, in Kreativ Quartier Nord and now he’s also popping up wihin a concept wall by BRES and some friends with some other illustrious figures. BRES NICK KNITE x BRES HASIA TEKZ crew and others TERZ1 […]

Kreativ Quartier Nord has got a new icon

In the middle of the lively Kreativ Quartier Nord, on Viehofer Str. 28, Krazy8 takes care of its customers‘ needs. Because the owner of the building was unhappy with the appearance of the small alley next to the shop, BRES, a local sprayer, was allowed to redesign this area. Now customers and passers-by are invited […]