Archiv für den Monat Februar 2022

Mercy – the Russians are coming

This is a sad day. It’s 30 years ago since the Berlin Wall has fallen and the Cold War has come to an end. I never thought that I would have to face war again on European soil within my lifetime. But – sad but true – Russia made truth on its months-long threats and […]

Notes from the streets of Amman

The streets of Amman keep me spellbound. A very large part in the design of urban space in Amman has Baladk Street Art Festival, which started 2013 as a street art project initiated by a group of friends and volunteers of Al Balad Theater. A collective of local emerging artists and musicians residing in the […]

Notes from the streets of Amman

Until yesterday, I did not have much reason to deal with Jordan and Amman. My image of Jordan was shaped by the headlines due to the refugee crisis (Jordan is home to some of the largest refugee camps in the world), or by the usual places of tourist interest (the Roman ruins, Wadi Rum and […]

Varieties – The Peanuts – Charlie Brown and Friends

Charles M. Schulz knew what he was doing when he created the lovable eternal loser Charlie Brown and his friends. The characters of the Peanuts always deal with the really big questions. The bossy, sharp-tongued Lucy offers psychological help and Charlie Brown makes use of her when he despairs of life. Snoopy, his Beagle, who, […]

Take a Butcher’s Gallery shows „GROUNDED“

I would like to draw your attention to „GROUNDED“, the next show at Take a Butcher’s Gallery, Hoffeldstraße 42, Düsseldorf Flingern, which will be opened tonight – for better or worse! Let’s send collective good vibes and have all fingers and paws crossed, for the grand opening at 6pm today. They have done their very […]

The year of the tiger

Today, according to the lunar calendar, the year of the tiger begins. The tiger symbolises strength and courage, qualities that everyone can put to good use in the second year of the pandemic (#FUCKCORONA). Blue, grey, white and orange are the colours that are associated with it. In the course of the time I have […]