This walls are in the north side of the city in Altendorf. Take a tram 106 into the direction of Germaniaplatz and alight from the train at Hamborner Straße. Cross Pferdebahnstraße and follow Helenenstraße for 500m then turn left to Zollstraße.
There is still a bit of time, but how much longer? Essen’s City Council decided to raise a new quarter in the so called Krupp-Belt-North. In the area between Bottroper Straße, Berthold-Beitz-Boulevard, Pferdebahnstraße, Haus-Berge-Straße, Zollstraße a new district with commercial real estates, 1000 flats and a public park with an open watercourse should be established. And as Essen has a number of 50 districts, the new one will get the prosaic name „Essen 51“. At the site of the former colliery „Zeche Amalie“ at Helenenstraße/Zollstraße, 2010 a Graffiti Hall of Fame has been evolved. Who cares, that these old historic colliery walls are home for the whole graffity community of the Ruhr Area? These walls are going to fall in the near future. Does anyone care finding a replacement for the current Hall? I am sceptical about that. At the beginning of March 2018, local radio notified that the first cut of the spade has been made for Essen 51.
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