Archiv für den Monat November 2021

Varieties – Rats

Yesterdays news of a new Corona variant caused a voluntary withdrawal of all non-essential activities. So I cannot show new pictures of what goes on in graffiti and street art in my area. That’s how I came up with the idea of dealing with variations. In art, topic, subject, or message may often be the […]


This morning I woke up with a new word – Omicron – which is the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. Why is that important? Well, it seems the WHO numbers the Corona variants by the Greek alphabet and they reached number 15 now. After all they do not know very much about it. It […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

Due to Corona I hadn’t been at Dortmund’s harbour since 01/2019. Thats a long time and who wonders, the change has beaten hard especially at Speicherstraße. The wrecking ball has destroyed nearly all the old familiar buildings and you no longer know your way around. My last visit at Speicherstraße 54 brought a new piece […]

Urban Discoveries – Endgame

„What makes a metropolitan region?“ The wall at Berliner Straße, next to Wanne Eickel main station, was finished. GIZA & an unknown artist who calls himsef X, have did their part, as well as Ursula Meyer & Jana-Lina Berkenbusch. The completed wall tells a story of demolishion and flight. Even the rebellious part of society […]

Wright Festival – always good for a surprise

For 5 years now, Wright Festival Bochum is a constant in the street art calendar of my area. Rather mentioned in a subordinate clause of their Festival flyer, as a special addition besides the new murals, in the first days of November they have set free a gang of bloody crazy perfectionists of stencil artists […]

When Karl Marx meets Julian Assange

Although I don’t know the artist behind it, I recognised him right away – Karl Marx – with his stylish purple basecap and the $-logo. It took a while for the penny to drop and to identify his opponent, painted by INTRO1, and I’m still not sure. Could it be Julien Assange? Now that the […]

ManKenntSich Kollektiv – New Mural at Speicherstraße

Dortmund’s harbour is a graffiti and street art hot spot, not just because MTW has it’s headquarter there and sets accents. In the course of the time especially the area around the old warehouse, Speicherstraße 100, is a meeting place for the murals of artists of all kinds. I haven’t been there for a long […]

Krupplyn meets MTW – Results: Backboard Jam

When Krupplyn and MTW do a picknick, they can’t do it without music and graffiti. And normally everyone runs to avoid missing it. But the timing! On the weekend of Hafendampf?! To be true, that causes frustration for graffiti fans. As far as I’m concerned, the decision was not difficult. Hafendampf won and Backboard Jam […]

Bochum keeps me on my toes

Looking for the latest mural of Martin Bender at Schmidtstraße 12. the day already was fading. Will there be enough time to take a picture? Life is hard for a street art spotter, even if you are not slowed down by Corona (#FUCKCORONA), change of seasons or weather conditions. Well – looking for the Bender […]

Wright Festival 2021 – New Murals

This years Wright Festival produces two new facade paintings in Bochum. While Martin Bender has already finished his work at Schmidtstraße 12, next to Bochum West station, Sasha Kisselkova has started work at Quellenweg 4, next to Ruhr Stadium. Sasha Kisselkova – Quellenweg 4 Martin Bender – Schmidtstraße 12 more pictures -> click