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RUbug 2022 – Sleeping Beauty woke up very briefly

Last weekend RUbug festival for urban art came to an end. From 20 to 29 May, Westerholt Colliery became a centre of urban art and more than 60 artists from the fields of street art, graffiti, installation and performance, as well as painting and graphics, showed their work. The artworks were all created on the […]

RUbug 2022 – The Awakening of old Westerholt colliery

In 2008 Colliery Westerholt, the last producing mine in the city of Gelsenkirchen, was closed down and the site fell into a deep sleep. Now, 24 years later, RUbug with the help of a pack of national and international artists has set out to wake The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods up again. REAMS has […]

RUbug opens it’s doors – Festival für Urbane Kunst

Industrial site redevelopment, or shorter: IBUG. Chemnitz has shown the way and Ruhr Metropolis follows. After more than ten years of vacancy, the old Westerholt colliery opens its rusty doors. More than 60 international artists have revitalised the abandoned site with spray cans, wood, varnish and paint. RUbug aims to create an arc between street […]

Turbo Urban – The Spacial Miracle goes to a new round

Do you know the meaning of „Salon hanging“ or „Petersburg hanging“? It has got its name from the opulently covered walls of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and means the practice of hanging artworks close together and filling the entire wall. Soon you will be able to see this kind of presenting artworks in Düsseldorf […]

Hafendampf 2022

10 YEARS OF HAPPYNESS – this its how PAYIT brought it to a nutshell. And he really must know, After all, he was there very often from the beginning in the year 2013. Hafendampf – this is an event with a guarantee of good vibes for audience and actors. The neighbourhood of Bottroper Straße 180 […]

Hafendampf in the course of the years – My personal highlights

As I have said before, countless artists from near and far have participated in Hafendampf over the years. Too much to name and show their works in the frame of my post. Today the day has come, Hafendampf turns into a teenie (may God save us all!), but before I start to meet you all […]

Hafendampf in the course of the years – The Artists

Today our countdown comes to an end. Tomorrow the big party will start at Bottroper Straße. Of course I cannot end without mentioning the „Coolest of All“ at last. The CVA crew, they all are our local heroes, and they are much more than SHIK and BRICKS & DRIPS! The crew, based in Essen, were […]

Hafendampf in the course of the years – The Artists

Either they invade the city with a concentrated team, or they stand for themselves and alone to fight a wall. The JUKEBOXCOWBOYS (Hamburg) are a constant factor at Hafendampf. They leave behind rich gifts whenever they are in town. Watch out! The cowboys ride through the city! JBCB Hafendampf 2013 Hafendampft 2015; JBCB – Jukebox […]

Hafendampf in the course of the years – The Artists

Let’s go on with our countdown and have a look at the next artist, who is a regular Hafendampf attendee. QUMI Hafendampf 2013 Hafendampf 2014 & 2016 Hafendampf 2017 & 2018 Hafendampf 2019 & 2021 more pictures ? 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

Hafendampf in the course of the years – The Artists

The countdown is running – a few days left only until the big anniversary party for Hafendampf at Bottroper Straße will be launched. As patience is not one of my strong points, I try to survive with a review to the living inventory of the festival – the artists. First of all the organizers, who […]