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6 days of Berlin – 1st day

Berlin, you drive me crazy! My visit last year was hard, but I thought I had understand simple directions how to get from X to Y, by foot or public transport. Wrong! This is 2018 and everything has changed again. Entrances and exits, traffic lights, zebra crossings – not to be found at the expected […]

1st Berlin Mural Fest

I must confess, Berlin is in my bad books, even if I’m in preparations for a Berlin trip next week. To be fair, it’s not Berlin I work off, but Berlin and it’s 1st Mural Festival – and The Dixons. When I heard about that festival in February, organized by The Dixons, I was euphoric. […]

1st Berlin Mural Fest

Information flow was sparse so far; I am very dissatisfied, as my lead time for organization of a longer Berlin trip went down and down. No information available due to the location of walls, nor times when work starts – nothing! I had to give up my intentions to see work in progress and have […]

Speicher Pop Up Gallery

The last weekend I nearly have turned over and didn’t move fast enough at all. After having popped in at 1Null7 to have a look at MARTHA MARGARETE and her solo show Narcoleptic, I headed for Dortmund, were in the late afternoon the Pop Up Gallery in an old store at Speicherstraße was opened. One […]

TURBO URBAN – Probably the smallest but weirdest streetart festival in Germany

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming TURBO URBAN group show „RAMPE“. The participating artists mostly are based in North Rhine Westfalia and represent various styles and techniques like graffiti, painting, photography, Illustration, installation und much more. The names of them read like a Who’s Who of NRW and Rheinish urban art […]

1st Berlin Mural Festival

Berlin is a stronghold for street art of all kinds and not poor of spectacular murals. In the near future there are some more to come. I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming 1st Berlin Mural Festival. It will occur in Berlin from 14. – 21. May 2018. Organizers are well known […]

One thing is for sure – the change

This is the end now of the series „The Pillars of Hafendampf in the course of the time“. After all it is quite clear now: there are five pilllars on each side. 10 pillars in total, additionally a huge front – and shutoff wall. They all are painted mostly on each side. I have shown […]

One thing is for sure – the change

5th Pillar left – Back IGB „Ghost Busters“ (2013) SKIPPER & CHOKO (2016) SKIPPER & CHOKO (2017) Location

One thing is for sure – the change

5th Pillar right – Back IGB „Ghost Busters“ (2013) SILE (2016) Unknown Artist(s) (2017) Location

One thing is for sure – the change

5th Pillar left – Front TAKO GBR (2013) TOPIC x POMES X ORIS (2016) TOPIC x POMES X GERD (2017) Location