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1st Berlin Mural Fest

Information flow was sparse so far; I am very dissatisfied, as my lead time for organization of a longer Berlin trip went down and down. No information available due to the location of walls, nor times when work starts – nothing! I had to give up my intentions to see work in progress and have […]

Moments – Faces of a Road Trip

Let me draw your attention to a documentary film which has got a lot of attention in Cannes and an Oscar nomination as best documentary film 2017. The film starts in Germany at 31st May in the participating cinemas with the title „AUGENBLICKE – GESICHTER EINER REISE“ (Originaltitel VISAGES VILLAGES). The film follows well known […]

Galerie Töchter & Söhne shows exhibition No. 16; Holger Kurt Jäger & Guido Zimmermann – Paintings and Objects

Reisholz is an industrial part of Düsseldorf. It is located in the south side of the city, bordering  Benrath and the river Rhine. Its history started in the early 20th century, by creation of its harbour to the Rhine, which took a lot of chemical factories, engine building industries, paper mills, petrochemical manufacturers and an […]

COKY – Bonner Straße 88

  In December 2017 Düsseldorf has got a new mural at Bonner Straße 88. It was realized subsequent to 40° Urban Art Festival 2017 by COKY, who is a founding member of Düsseldorf based DAC Crew. My first encounter with him was at 40° Urban Art Festival 2015. His psychedelic cats nearly brought me out […]

HoF Zollstraße in May

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Auf der Donau in May

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Villa RÜ in May – It would be a shame, if this had to be ended…

Villa RÜ is not known for an intolerant attitude against the subculture. After all they provide one of Essen’s legal walls for a quite active community of sprayers not only from Essen. At the moment the relationship between graffiti and Villa RÜ seems to be tense. It seems that the Welcome-May-Party has turned into a […]

4 Days of Frankfurt – 4th day

This was my day of departure. As usually, I took a train in the late afternoon, to reach home in the evening. Typically I plan a light touristic „lady’s program“ for the morning, which means a mixture of window shopping, sight seeing and coffee party, if there would not have been the exhibition „Power to […]

4 Days of Frankfurt – 3rd day

Schedule for my 3rd day in Frankfurt envisaged a visit at Naxos Halle. This spot in Frankfurt’s east end, is interesting for a lot of resaons at least. The production halls, built 1906/07, had until the 1960ies been owned by Naxos-Union, a producer of abrasives. The main hall today is a listed building and is […]