Archiv für den Monat März 2016

Hagen Wehringhausen with a lot of Art Nouveau besides Graffiti

Last week I have passed Hagen by train. Just before the entrance to the station a signalred gable attracted my attention and not far ahead I was blinded by the colorful graffiti around the station. WOW! Hagen seemed to be worth a closer look. I came back a few days later and started my walk […]

Essen Streetart at Marktkirche

Unbelievable! It feels like I have passed this spot hundred times in the last months and never noticed. This time I chose a different route as usual; changing the viewing angle brings new insights. You should leave the beaten paths more often! I don’t now how old this piece is, the mural reminds me in […]

Essen’s Northside

As I started with streetart in 2013, it was obvious to start with locations with a large concentration of this kind of Art. Graffiti very quickly got into my focus, I love the colors and the ideas transported this way. In Essen it was very easy to find the hot spots – the city has […]

Open your eyes

I didn’t make plans for a walk this day, except to visit my haidresser and pick up some potatoes in the organic market. And as I had not planned to take any pictures, I didn’t meant to take my photography equipment with me. A bad error, as it turned out later. In the last resort, […]

Schwerte – The Greeting Committee

    To be seen in Schwerte, Hörder Strasse 119; Motorway A1 Exit 85 Schwerte

Pretty Portal shows „Stencils Only“

Hard to believe, but true: It’s monday and winter is back with snow and as a result kilometer long traffic jams during rush hour anywhere in NRW. It’s wet, cold and muddy everywhere; I deny to resist another trip to Ruhrort. But staying home is not an option! My diary offers an indoor attraction with […]

A beached sperm whale, 1001 bottle messages and the orange light district

My maternal ancestors were from Duisburg and lived in Meiderich for a long time, were my mother and her siblings were born and educated. All my uncles, my grandfather and later my father worked for August Thyssen-Hütte and Phoenix Rheinrohr, and so I spent my first school years at primary school in Duisburg Meiderich and […]