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Well finally – it’s about time! – Hafendampf gets out for round 7

I would like to draw your attention to the weekend of 27th and 28th July, when Essen’s city port will be brought to life again by a number of strange guests from near and far. When the information published at Hafendampf #7 is reliable, and I think so, then we can look forward to meet […]

Hafendampf 2018 – A40 Edition – After the jump

For me it’s almost a tradition to look back on Hafendampf and show the finished walls; so the focus of this post is a recapitulation and postscript of this year’s Hafendampf. First of all: at this point I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of those who had to endure my questions […]

Hafendampf 2018 – A40 Edition – 2nd day of the jump

Strange – but unfortunately true, Hafendampf-weekend is over again. Franz-Fischer-Weg has calmed down and all those strange special guests have gone  home and are scattered to the four winds. They have left rich gifts for the residents; confusing styles in radiating colours and hardly to decipher – as far as I am concerned – and […]

Hafendampf 2018 – A40 Edition – 1st day of the jump

This year again Hafendampf has left its traditional location in Essen’s city port, where it was launched 2013. In close proximity to HoF at Frillendorfer Platz, at Franz-Fischer-Weg, motorway A40 has got a brandnew acustic barrier. Hafendampf organisers, THE TOP NOTCH and DEMON, have occupied 300m of best German concrete to be painted. They have […]

Attention – Correction – Attention – Hafendampf – Gong sounds to the 6th round

When Hafendampf changes the profile picture, its time for a yippie yah yei – means: yes there will be a new Hafendampf in the nearest future! On the 1st and 2nd of September the graffity community of North Rhine Westfalia and friends meet in Frilledorf at Franz Fischer Weg for one more spray weekend. I […]

One thing is for sure – the change

This is the end now of the series „The Pillars of Hafendampf in the course of the time“. After all it is quite clear now: there are five pilllars on each side. 10 pillars in total, additionally a huge front – and shutoff wall. They all are painted mostly on each side. I have shown […]

One thing is for sure – the change

5th Pillar left – Back IGB „Ghost Busters“ (2013) SKIPPER & CHOKO (2016) SKIPPER & CHOKO (2017) Location

One thing is for sure – the change

5th Pillar right – Back IGB „Ghost Busters“ (2013) SILE (2016) Unknown Artist(s) (2017) Location

One thing is for sure – the change

5th Pillar left – Front TAKO GBR (2013) TOPIC x POMES X ORIS (2016) TOPIC x POMES X GERD (2017) Location

One thing is for sure – the change

5th Pillar right –  Front GBR THE GHETTOBLASTERS (2013) THE COLOURED BOULEVARD; ANGUS (2016) EISER & ASIE (2017) Location