Archiv für den Monat Juni 2017

Transurban Essen – Tymon Ferenc de Laat (Rotterdam) at Atelierhaus Essen – Work in progress (2nd day)

One thing is for sure – the change

Am Porscheplatz 25 10/2016 & 06/2017

Transurban Essen – Tymon Ferenc de Laat (Rotterdam) at Atelierhaus Essen – Work in progress

TRABSURBAN is a cooperational project of the six cities Dortmund, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen, Hagen and Bochum. In 2017 it presents a wide art and cultural programme to implement the latest developments and newest streams of urban art and to channel energies of the actors of local urban art scene. In Essen again Atelierhaus Schützenbahn, well […]

Villa RÜ in June

Villa RÜ – always worth a visit More Pictures you’ll find -> here

Hedgehopper from Düsseldorf sighted downtown Essen

Not expecting anything bad I strolled around the city center, mainly to take a better picture of the STRIPED GUYS in Rathenaustraße / Kapuzinergasse. When I had found those guys on last saturday I only had my small pocket camera with me and so I wasn’t quite satisfied with my pictures. On my way to […]


Seen in passing by ship at lock Iffezheim

STRIPED GUYS still found in Essen (finally)

There is a little story linked with this two guys: In October 2016 I got a message and a photo of a couple of pipe-cleaner-puppets sitting in a warm embrace on a street sign downtown Essen.

Who does not seek even though will find

In the short time I have had when I was in Basel for a flying visit last week, I didn’t expect that much; and none at all above the normal touristic programme. But Basel has Art Basel and its Street-Art-Project «Urban Heart Basel». And so I again came across a mural of THE LONDON POLICE […]

Bonn Oberkassel

Seen in passing Bonn Oberkassel by ship

Emperor Constantine’s nail polish

During my flying visit in Mainz last week, I stumbled across this colossal foot at Große Bleiche near Jupitersäule. It is a replica of a fragment of the Colossus of Constantine the Great. I suppose that the artist, who is responsible for this cheerful nail design, was bored by the pure marble. I have doubts […]