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Within these hallowed halls…

…Thomas Baumgärtel aka BANANENSPRAYER has made it to Folkwang Museum The weather was awful this morning and so I decided to take a walk inside Folkwang Museum. Since they have decided that admission to the permanent collection is free, this museum is my first choice. They always are good for a surprise, but today I […]

Oldies but Goldies

USW Kruppsee 09/2014 Location  

GIGO PROPAGANDA – Lonely together

The northern part of downtown Essen can be described as „possibility room“. This part of the town was suffering for a long time during the decline of coal and industry, as well as the whole Ruhr region. Structural change continued to hold the quarter firmly in its grip. A few years ago this part of […]

Merkel Raute – Triangle of Power – One ring to rule them all…

You do not have to explain the concept Merkel Raute in more details; after all it has got an article in Wikipedia.

Wanted – Chameleon

A heart for birds

There seem to be a new player with a fresh idea in Essen’s street art scene, who has a heart for birds. He/she/they install/s lovingly designed nesting boxes midst the desert, we’re calling city centre. I am certainly looking forward for the first winged residents moving in; always providing that no one will remove them […]


Seen today in Dortmund main station RE11 to Hamm; 134 x WELK and others

Villa RÜ in January – Hiroshima never forget


Oldies but Goldies

Lawrence Mwangi aka SHABU (Nairobi) Part of project „Wände Südost“ (2012) Location

Aachen loves Animals

This walk in Aachen was a calamity trip. I had done my homework this time and definitely had a plan. Everything was fine until that moment when I found out, that the battery of my camera was discharged. OK – no problem; replacement batteries are simply made for times like this! But what when you […]