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Kunstkabinett Stefan Moll shows „UNORT“ – SEI LEISE solo show

I would like to draw your attention to the next solo show of SEI LEISE at Kunstkabinett Stefan Moll, Friesdorfer Straße 100, 53173 Bonn. In addition to numerous works commenting on current affairs, the upcoming exhibition will support the work of the Blue Yellow Cross (Blau Gelbes Kreuz) by means of an auction. For this […]

Bilk S – Opinion not Judgement

Actually, the last article concerning the change at Bilk station was supposed to go online yesterday. A report on my walk in Dortmund harbour and the Backboard Jam last weekend was planned for today. But I’ve received so many messages on Instagram about the changes at Bilk station that I want to add this post. […]

Bilk S – One Thing is for sure – The Change

Now the long wall opposite the entrance to the station remains to be discussed only. For some time it has been firmly in the hands of the graffiti writers, not always to the advantage of a universally pleasing appearance. The times when paste-ups and stickers shared the space here, are unfortunately over. At least I […]

Bilk S – One Thing is for sure – The Change

We are slowly approaching the end of my mini-series dealing with the changes at Bilker Bahhof. The cable distributors are on the central reservation, where the trams also run. I don’t know who or what they supply with electricity, but in the past they have often been used as a background for markers, stickers and […]

Bilk S – One Thing is for sure – The Change

Let’s go on with the changes at Bilk S. Today the columns are the topic on my agenda. There is no shortage of pillars at Bilk station. I have never counted them, but I have often photographed parts of them. They have always been used for billposting, although not always for advertising. Let’s have a […]

Bilk S – One Thing is for sure – The Change

When I started a new hobby in 2013, Düsseldorf Bilk and especially the immediate area around Bilk station very quickly appeared on my radar. Always on the lookout for information about my new hobby, I decided to check out an exhibition that dealt with stencils only. When I got off the train at Bilk S […]

SEILEISE Grand Tour 2022

Today in NRW summer holidays come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the travel season is over. It seems that Cologne-based street artist SEILEISE has also closed his show room until 10.9. and has gone on a big tour of Germany. On his route, he of course leaves gifts for the attentive passer-by, as […]

Folkwang und die Stadt – Folkwang and the City

Do people still come to the museum to find answers, or does the museum have to approach people and meet them where the questions arise in their immediate living environment? From 21 May to 7 August 2022, Essen’s City North will become the venue for numerous projects that unite culture, city and life. They are […]

Stop War – Stop Putin – Stand for Ukraine

Düsseldorf’s street art community is united and continues to give moral support to Ukraine. A protest march against the war has formed in the casemates. Pretty much of the entire Peanuts family is gathered, but one of the Klitschko brothers has also personally stepped up to deliver a few well-aimed punches Nevertheless, there is also […]

Fuck gas – booze also warms you!

It’s July, it’s summer and it’s warm. Word is slowly spreading that there is an emergency situation in the supply of natural gas, that the heating, hot water and gas cooker could fail when summer comes to its end. And to whom do we owe this? In Düsseldorf’s Kasematten you can find what the Rhineland […]