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HoF Villa RÜ in February

SHIK EKSIT & SHET RADIO & BARIO BRICKS AND DRIPS Location more pictures -> click

Essen Steele Ost in January

The new year has also arrived in Essen Steele Ost. When I stopped by on my traditional New Year’s visit, the pervasive smell of fresh paint made it clear that the New Year had been welcomed here with a colourful party. A New Year’s greeting to the usual suspects. May it be a good year […]

Picture postcard from Essen

Help! Snowy the snowman is already half thawed and the gingerbread man is up to his belly button in water. All the presents are threatening to float up and away. Climate change has arrived at Villa RÜ just in time for X-mas. MR.PILZ Location more pictures -> click

Gustav Heinemann Brücke in December

The wall below Gustv Heinemann Brücke in Essen Werden doesn’t change it’s design that often, as it is not listed as one of Essen’s legal walls. Nevertheless new pieces of graffiti pop up here in very infrequent intervals. Why Chrome is so popular with writers is beyond me; they will have their reasons. In any […]

Art leads the way in Essen Steele

After the walls of Steele station were artfully spruced up some time ago, the three pillars at the subway between the station and Steele city centre have now also been redesigned.The Immediate city centre Programme, which is funded by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Building and Equality of the State of North Rhine […]

HoF Villa RÜ in November

Lately I have neglected Villa RÜ a bit and when I did take the time, the pieces I found were no longer untouched and painted over unattractively. Today, however, Villa RÜ has given rich gifts. DEBIL CVA & BLIND IB THE TOP NOTCH & SHIK CVA USW & 0ae Location More pictures -> click

Graffiti Gallery Essen Steele has got a face lifting

Sure, I’ve actually said it often enough, but better safe than sorry, and lest there be any doubt: this is not a legal wall, it’s a graffiti gallery. Entry is free for everyone. The only condition: Leave your cans at home and keep your hands off! CVA DEMON x BRES x BRICKS & DRIPS COCONUT […]

Hafendampf 2022/2

Teenager! As if I hadn’t seen it coming! I think this is a novelty – we never had a Hafendampf event twice a year; somehow I could get used to it! But as teenagers are, erratic, unpredictable and with an ever-burning fuse, word somehow got around last Friday that there would be an extraordinary Hafendampf […]

Farbwandel has finished work at a facade in Essen Süd

Tim Schild and Jan Schoch aka EIKE (Farbwandel) were commissioned to design the facade of Hohenzollernstra0e 48, next to Stadtgarten. Hohenzollernstraße 48 – Farbwandel – Tim Schild x Jan Schoch aka EIKE Location

One Thing is for sure – The Change

When I started to take pictures of HoF Villa RÜ, my point of interest was the painted wall. The façade of the building was almost untouched by the writters and so it’s a problem to find a proper picture to document the condition of the façade at that time. It was – and still is […]