Archiv für den Monat April 2016

Temporary Open Air Gallery Helbingbrücken

Helbingstraße normally is not on my way home, but yesterday I saw in passing an unusual colour on one of the bridge pillars of A40. That made me stop immediately, to have a look, which turned out to be worth stopping. Leo Leander Namislov aka EINSTRICH has made a showroom of this usually unattractive and […]

Bonn – A Springtime Awakening in 2 Acts

Unsurprisingly you happen to meet a lot of Asians in Bonn in April and May. The transient beauty of viewing flowers in blossom is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition. They  celebrate “Hanami”, their Cherry Blossom Festival, in a very big way, but it is also a time of celebrations in China. In April the number […]

New Resident at Marktkirche

Quite recently I discovered a street art spot at Kettwiger Straße / Limbecker Straße. The backside of Marktkirche seems to develop to a new street art hot spot in Essen; a new resident is staying there for some time. As I neither know the artist nor his name for the character,  I call this nice […]