Archiv für den Monat April 2016

Temporary Open Air Gallery Helbingbrücken

Helbingstraße normally is not on my way home, but yesterday I saw in passing an unusual colour on one of the bridge pillars of A40. That made me stop immediately, to have a look, which turned out to be worth stopping. Leo Leander Namislov aka EINSTRICH has made a showroom of this usually unattractive and […]

Düsseldorf Spring – L.E.T. & DECYCLE

The pieces of DECYCLE captivate by absolute perfection and his motto seems to be quality before quantity; new pieces are rare. This USB-Medusa I met the first time in Hamburg (Gängeviertel) in March. As it was not signed, I had no idea which artist was responsible. I should have; he finally had an exhibition there […]

Oldies but Goldies

  Discovered in passing Haus der Essener Geschichte (former Luisenschule). Old but highly respected.  

44309 STREET//ART GALLERY shows „IMPERFECT TENSE“ Solo Show Alice Pasquini aka ALICE (Italy)

I had already told that I am a fan of 44309 Street//Art Gallery in Dortmunds Unionviertel. In the immediate neighbourhood of the U-Tower building, they are focussing on urban art.

Bonn – A Springtime Awakening in 2 Acts

Unsurprisingly you happen to meet a lot of Asians in Bonn in April and May. The transient beauty of viewing flowers in blossom is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition. They  celebrate “Hanami”, their Cherry Blossom Festival, in a very big way, but it is also a time of celebrations in China. In April the number […]

There is Gold on Cologne’s Streets

This excursion is a direct impact of my Hamburg trip a week ago. And that’s how it happened: I strolled up and down St. Pauli on my way to Landungsbrücken (do you remember these  calamities with my harbour cruise?) and came across a piece of SEI LEISE. He showed up on my radar for the […]

3 Days of Hamburg – Part III – St. Pauli

I started my 3rd day in Hamburg with good intentions for a harbour cruise. The plan was to drift through the day and be washed up on Landungsbrücken in the afternoon, were all those harbour cruises start.

New Resident at Marktkirche

Quite recently I discovered a street art spot at Kettwiger Straße / Limbecker Straße. The backside of Marktkirche seems to develop to a new street art hot spot in Essen; a new resident is staying there for some time. As I neither know the artist nor his name for the character,  I call this nice […]

3 Days of Hamburg – Part II – Schanze

Lets go now, before it is again nothing. This time Schanzenviertel must not be missed! With good intentions I left my hotel towards Schanzenviertel. As I knew that I had to pass Karolinenviertel, Dom and Millerntor Gallery first, I promised myself to take a direct way and avoid loss of time by stopping and taking […]

3 Days of Hamburg – Part I – Gängeviertel

„Will you take a harbour cruise this time?“ this is a running gag, when I start to my Hamburg trips. This time my best friend asked me and got the laconic answer: „I’ll do my very best, as ever!“ This time I saw Landungsbrücken, where all those damned harbour cruises start, but – that’s it! […]