Bonn – A Springtime Awakening in 2 Acts

Unsurprisingly you happen to meet a lot of Asians in Bonn in April and May. The transient beauty of viewing flowers in blossom is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition. They  celebrate “Hanami”, their Cherry Blossom Festival, in a very big way, but it is also a time of celebrations in China. In April the number of overnight hotel bookings by Japanese goes up around 84 percent because in Bonn a spectacle in two acts is taking place.

023.JPGAct I (white): Apple trees start the season of blossoms in Bonn. People from everywhere come to capture the beauty in photos. In Bonns Old Town the first blossoms are visible on Max Straße and Michaelstraße, and they are all in white. Street artists are probably still in hibernation. I have seen most of the pieces during my last visit. Nevertheless a hand full of newer ones are to be seen.

022a.JPGAct II (pink): Some days later, Bonn takes on the pink hues and all the people flip out and go crazy; other traffic rules seem to take over. Walking through a tunnel of pink cherry blosssoms seem to make people – and not only Asian people – move like beeing on drugs. Wedding couples put their wedding date to this time, to make nice pink wedding pictures and all others party.

The pictures I have taken in Bonn you can find here.

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