Karan Reshad

Karan Reshad has been doing visual arts since 1990 and has won a number of first prizes in Tehran’s school Competitions and took part in a number of international cartoon festivals. Since 1998 he started a professional carreer, designing Cinematic Magazine covers for Iranian publishers and Magazines then shifted to newspaper editorials and Page layout and has a role in changing newspapers layouts from their traditional layout to a newer level. In 2003 his career brought him to Streetart and located him and his city as the first source of Graffiti and streetart in the middleeast and Iran. He established KolahStudio and translates and writes articles for persian language readers about Middleeastern Street Art and Graffiti. [1] Since 2009, when the Green Revolution changed the political situation in the Middle East, artists working conditions have changed radically in Iran. Artists who were able to work free before were subjected to restrictions by the authorities and in March 2012 Karan Reshad was arrested by Iran authorities under the charge of social and political reasons and was held in prison for some time. After he was set free he left Ian and made a new start in Germany and lives a life in exile.
Source [1]
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