A warm Welcome

In 2013 I started with a new hobby, I had looked for a long time to fill my free time. At first I started my walks in Essen, where I live. Google+ was a good (and cheap) occasion to store my fotos. I had no idea how fast the streerart-virus would infect me. And, as it was not planned, I was very surprised about the masses of visitors. So many people who are looking on my page with my amateurish fotos.

In the beginning it was difficult to get reliable information how to find streetart in public space. Although always new images appeared on the internet, it was frustrating getting information about exact positions or addresses.

Now, some time later, I had the idea to share not only my images, but my information too. I would like to use this blog to announce the information I have got and tell the stories I have encountered on my walks.

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