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One Thing is for sure – The Change

Time is running out fast and it is now short to twelve. The walls at Zollstraße will be brought down soon. Demolition has already started to run. Zollstraße, that topic doesn’t let me go and I think it will hold me tight in its clutches for a while. So I go on with my review and […]


Let me introduce to you SIR and PILZ. They are a constant factor in Essen’s graffiti scene and ever-present at the halls of fame in the Ruhr area. I have found a lot of pieces over the years but apart the fact that they often work side by side or in collaboration, I don’t know […]

Essen Hall of Fame Zollstraße – Swansong „But in the end it doesn’t even matter…“

Essen’s City Council decided to raise a new quarter in the so called Krupp-Belt-North. In the area between Bottroper Straße, Berthold-Beitz-Boulevard, Pferdebahnstraße, Haus-Berge-Straße, Zollstraße a new district with commercial real estates, 1000 flats and a public park with an open watercourse should be established. And as Essen has a number of 50 districts, the new […]

Villa RÜ in January

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NN – Auf der Donau

Today it’s New Year’s Day and it was more than necessary to feel the fresh wind rippling around my nose; so the first walk of the year led me to one of Essens halls of fame. My last visit at „Auf der Donau“ was two months ago and as those walls are always very active […]

A long time ago in 2014 – A1ONE Auf der Donau

I have made my first visits at the legal walls in Essen at Zollstrasse and Auf der Donau in 2014. This walks convinced me immediately that graffiti is a form of art and far away from smearings. I didn’t know anything about the artists, but the quality of those first pieces I found, spoke for […]

A long time ago in 2014 – AKOR at Zollstrasse

I don’t know anything about AKOR. It might be a writer, but could be a crew as well. The first time I met a piece with the keyword AKOR, was in June 2014, during my first walk at hall of fame Zollstrasse, which is located at Essen’s north side. I should come across one of […]

A long time ago in 2014 – A1ONE at Zollstrasse

I didn’t know that much about graffiti when I first visited the hall of fame at Essen’s north side (Zollstrasse). However, one thing was immediately clear: graffiti is much more than childish smearings. A1ONE was one of the first signatures I was able to identify; of course not without difficulties, but after all there was […]

A long time ago in 2014 – KONT & WERT at Zollstrasse

My first visit of the hall of fame at Essen’s north side (Zollstrasse) dates back to the year 2014. This visit was a trigger and after that I hopelessly was hooked to graffiti. The pictures shown below were made in June 2014.

Villa RÜ in December

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