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In the light of recent developments …

One of the headlines of this morning was Donald Trump, who has found a new opponent in the actual crisis: The World Health Organization. Trump threatened to “put a hold” on U.S. funding to the W.H.O. Immediately I remembered a piece of OVAO x HAER, found in March 2017 at HoF Auf der Donau, which […]

HoF Auf der Donau in April (2016)

NIKER – ABM crew DBF & BRES NN NINONEIN & unknown artist STUK – CR crew Location More pictures -> click

HoF Villa RÜ in April (2015)

It’s heartbreaking and really drives me to despair; spring just turns on the turbo and staying home turns out to be a challenge of a special kiind. So what more have we got to do? Lets have a look back in time to Villa RÜ in April 2015. IBTB – ILLBOYS TEAM BRAVO More pictures […]

HoF Auf der Donau in April (2015)

DVS COPY BRES PS crew REYS EBOS PS crew unknown artists WOOD Location More pictures -> click

HoF Auf der Donau in April

With regard to my last walk to HoF Villa RÜ, I was confident to make the distance of 3 kilometres to HoF Auf der Donau with ease as a walker. What I had forgotten, was the nature of the terrain, which is sloping steadily. The way back wasn’t that funny, if you know what I […]

HoF Villa RÜ in March

KEDO x SIKE 134 More pictures -> click Location

HoF Villa RÜ in March (2017)

guests from out of town – BARIO x REMO – LYP crew ARNO – IHS crew & ROWD – GFS crew More pictures -> click Location

HoF Auf der Donau in March (2017)

Traditionally March is a month of CR crew in Essen’s graffiti scene. They use to plaster the walls of our halls of fame with pieces to conmemorate RINK, who died by accident on 25.03.2016. In March 2017 Hall of Fame auf der Donau was no exception. STUK – CR crew STUK – CR crew GBS […]

HoF Zollstraße in March (2016)

OK – one more boring day of isolation and with corona crisis. Follow me back to March 2016 and Hall of Fame Zollstraße – if you like. OMMO & SIR SIR DIMS x TURD PILZ „TOLERANZ“ & ROWD GFS GOODFELLAS More pictures -> click Location

HoF Villa RÜ in March (2016)

To make it clear, I know this is awful and boring, but I don’t have a choice. There is nothing new to post. I’m under house arrest and posting a new article is the highlight of my day. And I fear the question arises as to how long this situation can continue like this. My […]