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Oldies but goldies

Essen main station, platform 1 IFM (2015) In the universe of graffiti as old as the hills

Oldies but goldies

Dominik Hebestreit aka Birne (Wuppertal) Part of project „Wände Südost“ (2012) Location

Unicorn in the morning …

… allay gief and sorrow 1Horn am Morgen vertreibt Kummer & Sorgen Seen in passing; Viehofer Straße 34


Are you tired of Christmas shopping? Are you looking for a good idea or a gift? I have a solution for your problems and it is not a recommandation for one more Christmas market! Christmas markets mostly are boring and far away from satisfactory offers (except grub) and so it’s wonderful that Strassengold opens the […]

One thing is for sure – the change

Heliosstraße, Cologne Ehrenfeld, ONKEL DOSE (07/2016) Heliosstraße, Cologne Ehrenfeld, ONKEL DOSE (09/2017)


Seen today in Dorsten

One thing is for sure – the change

QURT QUMI x MADAME; UFAM Ruhr 2016 In October Ewaldstraße 72, which is home of community care center Herten, has got a partially new facade, designed by Christoph Kummerow aka QURT QUMI and Farbwandel. This was more than a surprise, as this facade only in 2016 had got a new design under the umbrella of […]

Lichtwendel – Creative Quarter North has got a new light installation

In a competition of Essen Marketing GmbH, which is the driving force behind Essen’s annual Illumination Weeks, art-project „LichtWENDEL“ of Lars Meeß-Olsohn prevailed. The project was realized at Kopstadtplatz, which is a marker for one of the entrance gates of Creative Quarter North. As it is illuminated with coloured light, it has an interesting effect […]

One thing is for sure – the change

The wall at GeKuHaus is preferred by GIGO PROPAGANDA. New pieces pop up there frequently. GIGO PROPAGANDA – 01/2017 GIGO PROPAGANDA – 06/2017 GIGO PROPAGANDA – 11/2017 Location

The five landmarks of Creative Quarter North – „Energy“

The fifth and last Stadtzeichen is about energy. Essen is a centre of energy and national and international operating energy players like RWE, Ruhrgas, Steag and Ruhrkohle have their seeds here. Those companies have leading positions in power generation, -distribution and -supply. Stadtzeichen „Energy“ is situated at the end of Viehofer Straße at Pferdemarkt facing […]