Archiv für den Monat Februar 2016

A Magic Mountain and Guerilla Knitters

How are you? Are you afraid of heights and how is the condition of your flexors and extensors in legs and hips? How do you feel rising staircases, and I mean powerful big stairs; there is no elevator to make your climb easier at the device I’ll take you to. End of February; the year […]

Dortmund’s Backyards – surprising and exciting

Dortmund, that is Beer, soccer and the BVB, Phoenix-Lake and U-Tower – and there are Nazi-Demos, run-down houses and a high unemployment too. The image of this city is very bad, but I think of this city with excitement. For me it is the sexiest city of NRW. Who wonders, I look at it from […]

A short break in the Rain and the Park begins to sparkle

The last days were a test in patience. One rain front after the other chased through the city; no chance to leave the house. So I took the first chance to go out last saturday, when the sun came out for a while. I was unsure what to do and decided to go to Zeche […]

Dortmund and another 2015 Flashback

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and have an image of french fries and Currywurst in front of my eyes; I almost can smell and taste it. Then it’s time to take a trip to Dortmund and pay a visit to „Pommes Rot Weiss“ near Borsigplatz. This takeaway is located on historic ground. The […]

A Retrospective to the Year 2015 (Part 3/3)

This day should have been the total climax of german street carnival. But storm „Ruzica“ spoils the fun, because most of the Rose Monday parades were cancelled for safety purposes. All those jesters have to celebrate this year in a bar. We, as carnival-teatotallers, are approaching the 3rd part of 2015, when the year picked […]

A Retrospective to the Year 2015 (Part 2/3)

I looked out of my sleeping room’s window in the early morning, and it’s just occurred as it was promised by the forecast; I feel for all those carnival revellers on the roads. No problem for me, because I have a hot cup of tea and reminisce in the pictures of the last year. That […]

A Retrospective to the Year 2015 (Part 1/3)

As the weather is persistently poor – lovely weather for Ducks – and no one would send a dog out of the house; moreover it is carnival too. I don’t know what is worse! So it would be better to stay where you are, lean back and put your feet up with a nice cup […]

VILLA RÜ in February

In the last days the weather was awful and as I didn’t dare to leave the house, I got very close to howl the walls. In the morning it was dry and actually I wanted to go to Wuppertal once more, if there wouldn’t have been the birthday of my niece in the next week. […]