Archiv für den Monat September 2016

New permissive mural in Essen Werden excites the minds of residents

Seven naked women and men dancing a round dance. Following the painting of Henri Matisse „La Danse“ which shows five dancing figures, the unknown artist has added three men to his round dance. Probably it requires courage to design a facade like this in predominantly Catholic Essen-Werden. May be the owner of this house had […]

Dortmund – Unionviertel à la surprise

I had planned a short walk in Dortmund yesterday to visit Sudermannstraße 4 and the location of one more UFAM Ruhr team, Ursula Meyer and E.V.U. As it is announced at UFAM Ruhr homepage, the gable will be painted within two weeks from 13.09.2016 on. The outlines had already been painted and work rested.

Niki de Saint Phalle – A once-in-a-century artist

The use of polyester for her sculptures made her famous – and deathly ill. Her trademark – Female curves and loud colours, iconic fertility godesses, brightly coloured and massive. Niki de Saint Phalle’s work is spread over the globe; in Germany Hannover focuses her art.

UFAM Ruhr – Hagen finished Mural in Wehringhausen

The 2nd Gabel organized by UFAM Ruhr was finished by Robert Matzke aka ROOKIE THE WEIRD & David Radon in Hagen Wehringhausen, Christian-Rohlfs-Strasse 17. For more details -> click

Kreuzeskirche Essen has got two new stained-glass windows designed by James Rizzi

Kreuzeskirche is an evangelical church and the oldest building in the north side of the inner city. The building was constructed 1894-1896 and has got heavy damages during World War II. Reconstruction was scheduled 1953 and since 1987 it is a listed building but it was still in need of rehabilitation. 2013 the building was […]

Urban Heroes Festival – Hagen

I would like to draw your attention to Urban Heroes Festival in Hagen Wehringhausen. Organized by Ihsan Alisan and Arzu Mirabai Akbaba and with a lot of help from artists, musicians, supporters and owners the first Festival for Urban Contemporary Art will happen at Schlachthofstraße 1 (S-Bahn-Station Hagen-Wehringhausen). During the Festival (24. September – 03. […]

UFAM Ruhr – Hagen

When I realized that Hagen takes part UFAM Ruhr I was electrified. I had been in Hagen in March the first time and found Wehringhausen, a lively neighbourhood that tries hard to make the quarter more liveable  with a lot of street art and graffiti in a surrounding of Art Nouveau town houses.

Sneaker’s Grave

Many people  live and die for shoes, but what should one do with old sneakers when the shoe cabinet overflows? Not only a functional solution but a decorative one too was found downtown Essen.

Hafendampf 2016 – Back to the roots (After the Jump)

Summer pauses and Essen City Port has calmed down now. It was the 4th edition of Hafendampf with DJ´s playing and some great graffiti to watch in process and the time passed much too fast. All those illustrious guests have gone and passed off rich gifts. The walls will enter a long sleep until next […]