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Varieties – Frida Kahlo

The newest work of Anna Littsa aka FOXY, depicting Frida Kahlo, was the trigger for this post. Frida Kahlo – who doesn’t know her, the charismatic Mexican artist with the characteristic eyebrows and the light lady’s beard? She is an artist, whose life was marked by pain, suffering and her love for the painter Diego […]

The Postman Always Rings Twice

I would like to draw your attention to the new solo show „WE CAN BE HEROES“ at Take a Butcher’s Gallery in Düsseldorf Flingern, Hoffeldstraße 42. THE POSTMAN collective from Brighton spread love on the streets by creating art that surprises where you least expect it. Colorful pieces of art, celebrateing the heroes of our […]

Töchter & Söhne shows new woks of L.E.T. and ONI

Please forgive me, I know this is late, but I just have discovered it! I would like to draw your attention to Düsseldorf Reisholz, where Gallery Töchter & Söhne starts again after a long temporary forced shut-down, with the soft opening of a group show with new works of L.E.T. and ONI. The show starts […]

Hangover Gallery shows PS – I LOVE YOU

It was a courageous step, to start a new gallery at the height of the pandemic and in economically difficult times, but culture is important, especially in difficult times, and it must go on. So in August 2021 with the exhibition of works by R.F.ART and Frank Brenner, Hangover Gallery was opened at Stresemannstraße 41 […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

My last visit in Bilk was for 40° Urban Art Festival 2020. Corona and it’s latest variety, was the reason why I was somewhat reluctant to make excursions to neighbouring cities like Dortmund or Düsseldorf. No wonder that there were a lot of changes during the years; also some, that are no longer new. Friedrichstraße […]

Düsseldorf shows solidarity with Ukraine

In face of Russia’s unjustified and brutal attack on Ukraine, it’s not only Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen’s concern to express solidarity with those affected by the war. A number of street artists use the very popular promenade along the Rhine as an exhibition showcase for their current works. SOSCHÖN – Düsseldorf Kasematten OLGA – Düsseldorf Kasematten L.E.T. […]

Mercy – the Russians are coming

This is a sad day. It’s 30 years ago since the Berlin Wall has fallen and the Cold War has come to an end. I never thought that I would have to face war again on European soil within my lifetime. But – sad but true – Russia made truth on its months-long threats and […]

Varieties – The Peanuts – Charlie Brown and Friends

Charles M. Schulz knew what he was doing when he created the lovable eternal loser Charlie Brown and his friends. The characters of the Peanuts always deal with the really big questions. The bossy, sharp-tongued Lucy offers psychological help and Charlie Brown makes use of her when he despairs of life. Snoopy, his Beagle, who, […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

The Change – that is a fact in street art and graffiti, I had and still have the most problems to accept and deal with. It’s a never ending story of loss as well as win and I can very well understand an artist’s anger, when someone else doesn’t deal with an artwork respectfully. In […]

Varieties – Mickey Mouse

X-Mas and the blow- out meal is over Now it’s time for the big exchange of unwanted gifts and redeeming gift vouchers. I’ll stay out of this and as there is not that much new to report, let’s come back to varieties. Superheroes – they were topic of the last posts due to varieties. Mickey […]