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A walk in the park

Cologne is a big city, regardless of whether on the right or on the left bank of the Rhine. My walks in Cologne often get out of control, because mostly I discover something unsuspected to make my plans upset.

One thing is for sure – the change

In the universe of street art the change is a constant companion of artists and fans as well. After some time one learns to let go and accept the change. But even if the change is familiar, I cannot say that it is easy, losing a beloved piece. In Cologne there is a special squad […]

JOINY – That’s just between us …

… I can’t promise anything In 2013 the character JOINY was born. All I know about the mother/father of JOINY is, she/he is Cologne based. The girl Joiny surprises with her innocent big wide eyes and her cool slogans in colonian dialect. She always has something like a wand in her hands; I suppose it […]

Oldies but Goldies

Seen in passing Köln Mülheim HACF MAGNETEN SENIL x TUFF x BASS (2014)

One thing is for sure – the change

Tim Ossege aka SEI LEISE et al. at Mülheimer Brücke, Cologne 04/2016 08/2017 04/2016 08/2017


Seen in passing abandoned vinegar factory Köln Deutz, Siegburger Straße 110

There is Gold on Cologne’s Streets

This excursion is a direct impact of my Hamburg trip a week ago. And that’s how it happened: I strolled up and down St. Pauli on my way to Landungsbrücken (do you remember these  calamities with my harbour cruise?) and came across a piece of SEI LEISE. He showed up on my radar for the […]