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Seen today in passing…

S3 Essen main station heading Oberhausen – SAUER & ERIK 134

Seen yesterday in passing …

RE14 Essen Hbf; OBR SHMC

Seen yesterday in passing

Düsseldorf Hbf; EPSC and others

Seen today in passing…

RE6 Essen Hbf heading for Minden; TBAS

Seen yesterday in passing …

Essen main station – S2 heading for Dortmund – GCP LYP

Seen yesterday in passing …

S3 heading Hattingen at Essen main station – VHM SCUF

Santa’s Sleigh

In Germany the second Christmas holiday traditionally is the day to visit and present family and friends. So this morning I made my way to Dorsten, where my family lives. Everything was planned accurately; even the transport carriage was true to style. Thank you 134 and merry X-mas to all of you too! Essen main […]

Seen in passing …

Essen main station – S1 heading Solingen – ZAK LTN

Essen main station – seen in passing

UH? What the hell is STEMPEL GRAFFITI??? Platform 12 has got a new tattoo.


Seen today in passing – RB33 heading Aachen at Essen main station. ULF & ABSURD