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Backyard Kesselstraße

I love the backyards of Dortmund! But the crux is, you can rarely see what they are hiding from the street and you have to go inside. Into each one (and there are many), which takes time! I don’t know how many times I’ve walked past this one in Kesselstraße on my rambles through Dortmund’s […]

HoF Speicherstraße in February

Dortmund was again on my agenda to track down the project „Radius“ in the northern part of the city and the harbour district. The way also led past the hall of fame at Speicherstraße where I was last only last Friday. What should have changed since then? PEACE HAND BYRDO x PEACE HAND and others […]

HoF Speicherstraße in February

The site where the former „Knauf Interfer Hall“ once stood is home to North Rhine-Westphalia’s longest Hall of Fame for now almost a year. It provides plenty of space; one work of art follows another over 600 metres. Fatal, but unfortunately I can only show a few here. ROL x OKAY 3H x PEACE HAND […]

Adler 59 in November

Well finally! I lost count of how long it took to photograph this mythical creature. I think it’s a griffin and I just love it. For about a year I’ve waited to take a photo, but it was always concealed by a parked car. What lasts long becomes good after all. Unfortunately I don’t know […]

Das Ruhr Ding – Another Weekend

In 2019, the artist Stefan Marx participated in the „Ruhr Ding“ with three monochrome murals in Dortmund, Bochum and Essen. The three murals form a triptych that symbolises the past, present and future of the Ruhr region. The façade of the IKK at Burgwall 20 was already artistically designed with a mural before. I took […]

HoF Dortmund Hafen in August

An anniversary is always a cause for celebration. But when FOG and MKG have a party at the same time, the crème de la crème of the NRW graffiti scene quickly gets together to deliver greetings and gifts. The passer-by enjoys and remains silent. He can only decipher a few things anyway – except greets […]

Backboard Jam Vol. 2

On 27.08.22 from 1pm until late night, Backboard Jam on the grounds of graffiti agency MORE THAN WORDS went into the second round as part of this year’s harbour walk. As a supporting programme, MTW had invited a number of well-known graffiti artists to redesign the walls in the immediate vicinity of the agency. ND […]

Hafenspaziergang meets Backboard Jam

Next Saturday, 27.8.2022, a harbour walk will take place in Dortmund’s harbour for the 9th time. From 1 pm, Krupplyn’s Backboard Jam will take place in the heart of the harbour at Drehbrückenstraße. That means hip-hop from local artists, live & open-air, beats & rhymes to the ears. For this event, More Than Words has […]

Rubbel die Katz am Borsigplatz

When August Julius Albert Borsig, son of Berlin’s „locomotive king“, the industrialist August Borsig, founded his machine factory on Borsigstraße, he did not yet know that Borsigplatz would one day be named after him and that it would later become widely known through the football club Borussia Dortmund (BVB). The club was founded in the […]

HoF FZW Dortmund in June

Freizeitzentrum West (FZW) has a long history since 1968. Opened at the old location on Neuer Graben in Dortmund’s west side as a district centre, over time, it developed more and more into an event and cultural centre. Today, housed in a larger building at Ritterstraße, right next to the „Dortmunder U“, the FZW is […]