The PUFF Crew is a girl crew somewhere in NRW. Female graffiti artists are rare. They are women who have dedicated their lives to graffiti art and they all have a different approach to graffiti compared to their male counterparts. In the south side of Essen, were the PUFFs seem to have a comfort zone, the first graffiti I have seen consciously was a piece made by the PUFFs. It stood out of the masses of graffiti that looked all the same to me – cryptically.
Exclamation and question mark is their trademark. Besides that, I don’t have hard facts due to the members of the crew. All I have is the names of writers which are quoted due to the pieces I found over the time. And here they are, but without warranty:
  • SHY SHINY (not longer a member)
  • VAMP
  • LUCK
  • KUSS
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