Archiv für den Monat Januar 2016

Hop-On, Hop-Off Wuppertal Suspension Railway

Travelling Wuppertal and find street art is as easy as can be. Take a day ticket for the suspension railway, hop-on and off and fun is guaranteed.

Wuppertal-Barmen, where Friedrich Engels meets Erika Nagel

An old friend called me to ask, if I would like to meet her in Wuppertal Barmen, were she will have a meeting in a photo studio next day. So we arranged to meet and spend the day together in Wuppertal, have an old fashioned cup of fresh brewed coffee and who knows what more… […]

There is a little going on „Auf der Donau“, but in Düsseldorf there is CAKE

Do you remember, when I passed D-Völklinger Straße S in the last week, there was a wall, visible from the train’s window, tagged with „CAKE“ in a bright pink colour? It clicked in my head and a long sought piece of puzzle slid on the right place. Those candy coloured pieces of cup cakes I […]

One more Hall of Fame, some Wholecars, a Bunker & some CAKE

  The newspapers announced in March 2015 that Neuss adminstraton plan to sell the last ABC-safe shelter in Neuss. A FOR SALE Sign was placed and in September it was published, that it was sold to build new flats. So there was an urgent occasion, to take some last pictures from a mural global project […]


A friend complained in a subordinary clause that some of the cool graffiti at Langenberger Straße were whitewashed with a boring grey and light blue colour. That was the Wake-Up-Call of the day. OK – Let’s have a look at this wall. The last time I was there is almost exactly a year ago.  So […]

What to do with a free Monday

Why not go out in the morning and take an urban train to another legal wall, not as far away? The weather forecast promised a lousy day, breezy and wet, and in some parts of the country snow to come. But – not in my part of the country. It was cloudy, but dry and […]

The first walk of the year

At least regularly life is back again, and after Christmas and New Years Day and all the hustle around these days, I took the last chance to see an exhibition that was on my agenda for a long time. Museum Folkwang, situated in Essen Rüttenscheid, showed Oct. 2, 2015 – Jan. 10, 2016: „The shadow […]

A warm Welcome

I started in 2013 with a new hobby, I had looked for a long time to fill my free time. At first I started my walks in Essen, where I live. Google+ was a good (and cheap) occasion to store my fotos. I had no idea how fast the streerart-virus would infect me. And, as […]