Archiv für den Monat Mai 2016

Nordsternpark – Always Worth a Visit

Gelsenkirchen’s Nordsternpark is one of the locations I use to visit frequently and this for a number of reasons. The old coal mine „Nordstern“ was closed 1993 after a 130-year history of coal production. A commercial area with more than 1,000 new jobs was created and – as a legacy of the Federal Garden Show […]

Mr. Earthworm is back again to stay

I still have no idea who is responsible for this funny worm. He/she is just one more player in the game of making Essen’s boring downtown more attractive. Essen needs more of them!

A so called Street-Art Festival and a Highlight at Adlerstraße

My brother in law, who knows about my streetart enthusiasm, called me to tell me about a streetart festival in Dortmund, I had heard nothing yet of. Next day I ran like a streak, as Dortmund is one of my favorite destinations in my region. The keyword „in a shopping mall“ should have warned me […]

Christel Lechner’s „Everyday People“ Pay Rees a Flying Visit

The first encounter with one of Christel Lechner’s „Everyday People“ I had in Wuppertal 2015. An unusual Sculpture of a bald man with a newspaper stood unexpectedly at the banks of the Wupper below the overhead railway. I had become curious, so I tried to find out more about this sculpture and as the internet […]

4 Days of Munich – Part IV

That’s gone quickly – Friday and day of departue! If there will be a Stroke next year I’ll stay until it ends. I didn’t expect that much and Saturday and Sunday there will be much more to come!

4 Days of Munich – Part III

The early bird catches the worm. I tend to get up early, and as Stroke Live-Painting was annonced to start on „High Noon“ there was a lot of time in the morning to have one more look at another legal wall and make a stroll along the banks of the Isar. I had to take an […]

4 Days of Munich – Part II

This day was going to be a very long day as Stroke Art Fair opened its doors at 7 pm. What shall we do in the meantime?

4 Days of Munich – Part I

Do you now Murphy’s Law? Anything that can go wrong generally does go wrong sooner or later.

Upcoming HNRX Solo Show Färberei Munich

Last week I was in Munich for Stroke Art Fair (report follows ASAP). As the event started in the afternoon, there was time to have a look at the walls of Munich. On my way to Brudermühlbrücke I had to change the bus at Candidplatz and met at a wall nearby HNRX at work. He […]