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Hafendampf 2016 – Back to the roots (2nd day of the Jump)

Sunday and 2nd day of Hafendampf; all my hope for cooler temperatures and a breeze were in vain. Summer can even do more and offered evidence – that couldn’t stop me. The sound of shaken spray cans and the smell of fresh spray paint could have been noticed from far away. Hafendampf was far from […]

Hafendampf 2016 – Back to the roots (1st day of the Jump)

This weekend was awesome. Graffiti till the cow comes home and temperatures just below the boiling point! Hafendampf is back home in Essen City Port at Hafenstraße, where it was born in 2013. The event had to be outsourced in 2014 and 2015 due to construction works at the harbour site, but this year it […]

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Good news for anyone who has to use the pedestrian tunnel that underpasses the main railway track between Essen and Duisburg at Grunertstraße. This tunnel is a hatred object for all who have to pass it, because of darkness, coldness and wetness,  even if the majority don’t realize that the tunnel was used as a […]

Mr. Earthworm’s still alive

One of my last city expeditions led to Essen Frohnhausen and to an unexpected meeting with Mr. Earthworm. It seems to me that he has a comfort zone in the western part of the city, as I found two of those guys there in the immediate vicinity.