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Hafendampf 2016 – Back to the roots (2nd day of the Jump)

Sunday and 2nd day of Hafendampf; all my hope for cooler temperatures and a breeze were in vain. Summer can even do more and offered evidence – that couldn’t stop me. The sound of shaken spray cans and the smell of fresh spray paint could have been noticed from far away. Hafendampf was far from […]

Hafendampf 2016 – Back to the roots (1st day of the Jump)

This weekend was awesome. Graffiti till the cow comes home and temperatures just below the boiling point! Hafendampf is back home in Essen City Port at Hafenstraße, where it was born in 2013. The event had to be outsourced in 2014 and 2015 due to construction works at the harbour site, but this year it […]

UFAM Ruhr overshoot

This weekend is a challenge as summer rehearses rebellion. There were two fixed dates at Friday when the first wall of UFAM Ruhr was painted in Hamm by artist collective SilbernesReh at a wall of an old substation (Friedrichstraße / Heinrich-Reinköster Straße).

PottWall Jam 2016

You really cannot start early enough if you want to be a rising star of the writer scene one day. Pictures of the Jump -> click

August gets faster and faster

When I got up this morning I didn’t know that the next days would be so exiting. First I checked UFAM Ruhr and found the first event I would like to have a look at. Later in the morning I thought it would be a good idea to check Hafendampf; I had been waiting for […]

It’s getting better and better – I can’t wait any longer

It’s a must go!!!

August picks up speed

Nothing happens and no progress is in sight, that was my first thought this morning. Then I checked UFAM RUHR on Facebook and suddenly was awakened! Finally they gonna start: 44309 STREET//ART GALLERY and UFAM RUHR will present the finest selection of emerging street and urban artists. On show will be a core of German […]

Farbfieber has painted a new Mural in Düsseldorf Eller

Just the second view shows the word in capital letters: „HABEN“ (HAVING), it fills the whole wall extensively. The wolf in a black buisiness suit bares his fangs, behind him the word in much smaller font: „TEILEN“ (SHARING) wrapped with barbwire, below the contempalive-looking monkey, which is Klaus Klinger’s trademark. His work always deals with […]

L.E.T sighted downtown Düsseldorf

I frequently review this wall at Grabenstraße, downtown Düsseldorf. It seems to me that Düsseldorf based street artist L.E.T. has leased this wall as new pieces pop up there periodically. This time he collaborated with PDOT.

Smoking can be deadly – Fast Food too

It seems that someone was very unsatisfied with his dinner served by a well known fast-food chain. Seen in Essen Bergehausen.