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Farbwandel has designed a facade in Kupferdreh

Already last year Tim Schild and Jan Schoch aka EIKE (Farbwandel) were commissioned to design the facade of Kanu – Tour – Ruhr in Essen Kupferdreh, next to Kampmannbrücke. Kampmannbrücke 35 – Kanu – Tour- Ruhr – Tim Schild x Jan Schoch aka EIKE

Peter Petersen for a nice feeling downtown Essen

It doesn’t always have to be a huge mural; the smaller things are just as important to make a better feeling in a city. Cable distributor boxes are omnipresent and an indispensable part of the cityscape. They are neglected very often; smeared, posterized or tagged. Peter Petersen has taken care for 4 of them. On […]

COSY & EIKE have finished their work at Kupferdreh S bus stop

In March 2021 COSY and EIKE have started their project to change the image of Kupferdreh S bus stop, which had become a space-off area after its opening 2019. The two artists, which are two-thirds of artist collective SIGNS AND WONDERS, have done a great job and have finished it as far as it was […]

Viehofer Platz – Tim Schild & Jan Schoch have finished their work

Pedestrian tunnel at Metro station Viehofer Platz has got a new face by the local artists Tim Schild and Jan Schoch aka EIKE. The tunnel, a neglected place in the past, has got fresh colours and even if the new scene represents a big fight, I’m nevertheless convinced that the passer-by will not fasten his […]

HoF Auf der Donau in January

FEKS x ? x ? SIR & artist unknown MAREO more pictures -> click Location

One Thing is for sure – The Change

Hohenburgstraße 88 is located in close vicinity to HoF Auf der Donau. It’s a private house and the shown wall is not a legal wall. It’s bad luck that the house is located on the direct way to the train station: practically it is on the way home and very often used for utilising leftovers […]

Varieties – The Pink Panther

The weather can be described with only one word actually: subterraneously. Dark, wet and cold. Taking pictures is impossible without using a torch. I have no idea what’s going on at our halls of fame and my mood has adapted to the weather. So let’s go on with varieties. Paule Panther usually manages to put […]

HoF Villa RÜ in January

It’s winter time and all the colours I found on my last visit at Hall of Fame Villa RÜ represent winter perfectly. Black and chrome; yet nevertheless colours – I gladly take what I can get! ESOR & SEIO BRICKS AND DRIPS TONEY Location More pictures -> click

One Thing is for sure – The Change

In 1986 Martin Magielka founded his label RAP X in Bochum Ehrenfeld, which has become one of the best-known brands in the streetart/streetwear-scene. The shop at Alte Hattinger Straße 11, designed 2017 by ENOC801, has got a new face by Berlin based artist Matthias Gephart recently. RAP X – Alte Hattinger Straße – ENOC801 (10/2017) […]

Essen Steele Ost in January

I took me a long time to find that wall at the pedestrian tunnel in Essen Steele Ost. But since I knew where it is localised, I visit it regularly and I usually find something new to please me. My last visit was no exception. VEGAS CKSM EKS & BLANCO DEMON & THE TOP NOTCH […]