One Thing is for sure – The Change

Hohenburgstraße 88 is located in close vicinity to HoF Auf der Donau. It’s a private house and the shown wall is not a legal wall. It’s bad luck that the house is located on the direct way to the train station: practically it is on the way home and very often used for utilising leftovers – so to say leftover recycling. Here they are, my pictures of that spot since my beginnings in 2014.

BAD GAY BOYS & CR RINK (07/2020)

FAR and others (06/2014) & CIAONE (02/2015)

BAD GAY BOYS and others (01/2018) & BAD GAY BOYS LOLA HOLLY and others (12/2018)

LOLA RWE and others (11/2019) & BAD GAY BOYS CR RINK (07/2020)

CLUST FTC CKSM (01/2022)


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