I still have no idea who is responsible for this funny worm. My fictious name for him/her was „MR.EARTHWORM“. After all, I’m a bit smarter now, as far as his street name is concerned, which is WURM MASTER.
I met my „Mr. Earthworm“ with its naughty grin the first time as a paste-up near University in June 2015. I’m not quite sure if it is the same artist, but I suppose so. The paste-up was made of brown wrapping paper and pasted up under a bridge. So it was there for longer, as it was well protected from weather rigors. Whenever I passed it, it managed to enhance my mood, but unfortunately it was torn away later and after a long time, I was happy to recover my Mr. Earthworm quite recently at a spot at Marktkirche. Now the artist seemed to have found his style. Paper has been changed to a more resistent material. I guess the character was cut out of cardboard or a thin plastic sheet. Definitely this funny guy is very welcome in the streets of Essen! Later I met him again at a walk down Kettwiger Straße. He smiled at me from an elevated position at a sculpture called „Stadtzeichen Kohle“ at  Kasteienstraße/Viehofer Straße.
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