Archiv für den Monat Juni 2020

Druckluft Oberhausen

Have you already heard of Druckluft Oberhausen? I must confess, I hadn’t – since last week. But when I found a new piece designed by SIR x MR.PILZ x BLUTIG, provided with the location „Druckluft“, I decided to risk an eye and find out more. Druckluft is an an alternative culture centre and social club, […]

Im Löwental – Paste-Up Session #3

For the third time in a short time, Leo-Leander Namislow aka EINSTRICH has made a visit at the underpass at Essen Werden S. He was accompanied by the usual suspects, who have left with united forces a number of new paste-ups. Leo-Leander Namislow aka EINSTRICH (video) Ursula Meyer Leonie Eick XO – unknown artist 0ae […]


When the fence was erected last week, I speculated how long it would last, until erosion would set in. Exactly 7 days, as it turns out now! And there is no end in sight. Site fence at Rellinghauser Straße / Zeche Ludwig – SOG PILEK Would you like to know how other cities try to […]

Students for art in public space

The subject of art has always been of great importance at Maria-Wächtler-Gymnasium in Essen Rüttenscheid. One of their newest projects is made for the direct benefit of the pedestrians at Rüttenscheider Straße. Students of art class leave their school for summer holidays, designing 3 energy distribution boxes at Rüttenscheider Straße near Giradet Haus. Thank you […]

Supporting Structure Colour – Backer’s Column

Project „Stützwerk Farbe“, which has the ambitioned aim to design as much as possible of the grey concrete columns of Helbingbrücke, a bridge of highway A40 next to Essen’s main station, progresses. The first provisional review of the situation is: 4 columns finished by the artists of SAW, one more column primed and work in […]

Marsupilami Special

It’s unwise to visit our halls of fame within the weekend. Weekends are busy and it’s normal that you meet pieces in different stages of completion. So I usually choose working days for my visits. For this visit, however the wrong strategy. In times of Corona (#fuckcorona) nothing is normal. And so I happened to […]

Hall of Fame Kupferdreh in June

Shopping, a day out, BBQ – Opinions, what a perfect weekend should look like, differ widely. Some have more fun with colours than barbecuing. For my taste it is both, provided there is one (or two) beer included… But the one thing what is more important than anything else is to have someone, ideally friends, […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

Owing to many sponsors and donations, since November 2016 it sparkles in its full beauty again, Albert Hien’s Light sculpture „ZOO“. It tops and decorates the building at Rüttenscheid’s central Market place, which houses a combination of newsstand and public restroom facility. Of course the kiosk is targeted by street artists of all stripes. I […]

Aren’t we all (systemically) relevant?

A big word – systemical relevance – and for my taste a bit overstreched recently. Leo-Leander Namislow aka EINSTRICH as well has got something to say about that and has again glued some new works in Essen Werden. His open air gallery grows with the help of some friends like Ursula Meyer, Leonie EICK, 0ae […]


In times of Corona the discussion over the systemic relevance of some professions were a daily topic. Artists are important for our society. Similar to a seismograph they respond to the vibrations in society. Climate change, Trump or Corona, they usually are among the top to pick up a theme and put it on the […]