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UFAM Ruhr – 1. August – 31. October 2016 – Where Urban Art meets Fine Art

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming Urban Fine Art Meeting (UFAM Ruhr), which is an interdisciplinary art convention, debuting in five cities across the Ruhr Area. It focuses on bringing urban artists and studio artists in interaction in public space. The creative quarters throughout Ruhr Area cities (Hamm, Dortmund, Herten, Hagen […]

Grace Jones – Martin Bender aka BNDR for Electronic Beats Festival Cologne 2016

Wir wollen Kunst ohne Kommerz – nicht Scheiss ohne Herz (We want art without commerce – no shit without heart)

Dorsten – wall protection by grafitti? It works!

I use to visit Dorsten frequently as my family lives there, but I never suspected Dorsten to be a streetart hot spot. My last visit gradually changed my mind. I wandered through the city and found unexpectedly some nice pieces of renowned graffiti writers.

RIP Goetz George – OVAO

During the last time with Emscherkunst I have completely neglected the legal walls in my hometown.

Emscherkunst 2016 – “Discover the art – experience the change” – Recklinghausen City Port

My grandfather told in one of his stories that he had fished in the river Emscher when he was a young boy. For me it was like a fairy-tale as I know that river as an open waste water canal, in common parlance called „Köttelbecke“ (droppings basin) in allusion of what it transported normally, if […]

Superman and other Superheroes

Cologne drives me crazy!  Whenever I pass though, mostly by train, I discover something new along the tracks. Last week I had to change the train at Cologne main station and as I had a lot of time, I went back and forth the platform, when a Mural of Superman far away at a wall […]

Emscherkunst 2016 – “Discover the art – experience the change” – Coking Plant Hansa

The coking plant Hansa was an important part of the Dortmunder coal, iron and steel production. Operating since 1928, in the 1990ies, the plant was finally shut down and declared a historic monument. During 100 days Emscherkunst you’ll find some artworks on the grounds and within walking distance along the river Emscher.

Pretty Portal shows „Sweet Ash“ group show with SAM3, LIMOW, LIQUEN, HYURO, Daniel Munoz, JEICE2 AND ARIS

Actually, one does not need a special reason to visit Düsseldorf Bilk as streetart is ubiquitously present there. You don’t have to walk that much. Leaving the station Bilk S and crossing the street may take some time to appreciate all those stickers, tiles, stencils and paste-ups there.