Archiv für den Monat Juli 2022

Folkwang und die Stadt – Folkwang and the City

Do people still come to the museum to find answers, or does the museum have to approach people and meet them where the questions arise in their immediate living environment? From 21 May to 7 August 2022, Essen’s City North will become the venue for numerous projects that unite culture, city and life. They are […]

Gertrudisstraße 1 has got a new face

The image of Essen’s northern quarter is to be polished up and the residents of the quarter should be able to identify more with their district. To this end, Vonovia has hired Essen based artist Gabor Doleviczenyi (Zinnober), who has redesigned the façade of Gertrudisstraße 1 under the motto „I am where I live“. Gertrudisstraße […]

HoF Auf der Donau in July

What is that?! Masked or not, this little guy has crossed my path several times. Just recently on Viehofer Straße, in Kreativ Quartier Nord and now he’s also popping up wihin a concept wall by BRES and some friends with some other illustrious figures. BRES NICK KNITE x BRES HASIA TEKZ crew and others TERZ1 […]

Kreativ Quartier Nord has got a new icon

In the middle of the lively Kreativ Quartier Nord, on Viehofer Str. 28, Krazy8 takes care of its customers‘ needs. Because the owner of the building was unhappy with the appearance of the small alley next to the shop, BRES, a local sprayer, was allowed to redesign this area. Now customers and passers-by are invited […]

HoF Villa RÜ in July

It’s holiday time, which means that the villa is not too busy. And that’s a good thing, because it gave me enough time to come back with a freshly charged battery. A camera not ready for use; that hasn’t happened to me for a long time! 0ae CLUST FTC STIER x DEST TDB Location More […]

Skateboard Dino meets Single Mom

With a little help of some friends and partypeople, Handsome Hermann has dressed up – from in – and outside. 0ae has contributed his „Cardboard Dummies“ and it seems that the 1st evening has purposefully gone off the rails and the guests have extended the announced Marker-Jam to the walls of the gallery. As you […]

HoF Unterführungsstraße in July

„Why fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things need to get to Duisburg Meiderich quickly“ was the headline in the local newspaper WAZ last Tuesday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it happen until the following Sunday and as I had already suspected it, of course, the artworks were no longer untouched all. Some of the main […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

Rhine Park was opened to the public in May 2009. Originally, the area was planned as part of the Federal Garden Show 2011 in Duisburg, but this had to be cancelled for cost reasons. The approx. 25ha site had been used by heavy industry since the middle of the 19th century. Parts of the former […]

Fly Ladybug Fly

In 2021 a house in Frohnhausen, at Jacob-Grimm-Straße, was provided with a new mural by WERKSTRAND. A passer-by was immediately in love with it and decided that her house in Grevelstraße, boring and war-grey, urgently needed a new face. In a nutshell: Pascal Maßbaum, street artist based in Essen, was hired. Done! Grevelstraße 17; Pascal […]

Rubbel die Katz am Borsigplatz

When August Julius Albert Borsig, son of Berlin’s „locomotive king“, the industrialist August Borsig, founded his machine factory on Borsigstraße, he did not yet know that Borsigplatz would one day be named after him and that it would later become widely known through the football club Borussia Dortmund (BVB). The club was founded in the […]