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One Thing is for sure – The Change

This wall is situated Im Ahrfeld and even if it is none of my regular daily routes, I decided never to let it out of sight too long. My last visit was in March and everything has changed again. The same wall and actors but a new version of coat. OLE VON OEPEN 03/2018 & […]


Everybody who knows me knows that patience isn’t one of my strengths. I of course couldn’t wait for Saturday, when the new Chester Bennington Memorial with a brandnew portrait of the former lead singer of Linkin Park will be opened officially. And yes – here they are: the pictures I have taken in Altenessen at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Park. […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

My yesterdays visit at HoF Zollstraße lead to the news of today. I was surprised; somebody has cleaned up Chester Bennington’s memorial wall at Zollstraße. This was unusual, as the wall was lovingly equipped with pictures, flowers, wreaths and grave lights. I asked www egghead and as expected, it brought clarity. The new memorial is […]

HoF Zollstraße in July

unknown Artist THE TOP NOTCH x LOPE x DEMON & PAYIT x CVA NN et al. More pictures -> click Location  

Galerie Töchter & Söhne shows exhibition No. 17; PQUS & MARCEL FLORMANN – Paintings and Objects

I would like to draw your attention to exhibition No. 17 of Gallery Töchter & Söhne in Düsseldorf Holthausen at Reisholzer Werftstraße 73. Until 30.08.2018 the gallery shows paintings and objects of PQUS and MARCEL FLORMANN.

One Thing is for sure – The Change

10/2017 & 07/2018 L.E.T. & unknown artist; Reisholzer Werftstraße 73, Düsseldorf

HoF Auf der Donau in July

SIR x PILZ ÜBEL et al.                                ASEK ABM                                       KIES   More pictures -> click Location


lucky people are very easily satisfied … Schützenbahn, Essen – Artist unknown  

Villa RÜ in July

More pictures -> click Location

MOE79 – Photorealistic multilayered stencils of a special kind

When I was in Berlin in April 2017 to visit „The HAUS“, one of the first artworks I noticed to be overwhelming in this remarkable accumulation of high class artworks, was a stencil of an old wrinkled man behind a doorway. As far as I remember it was at the wardrobe and it was the […]