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Notes from a Berlin friend

I don’t know if this piece of EL BOCHO has been painted or glued to that wall. All I know is, that this piece is ancient history now. It was located in Friedrichshain, at the premises of a former car service station, which housed the techno club „Morlox“ until 2014, when it has fallen victim […]

A dog named Phatty

My last visit in Berlin brought me to DARED, an artist, I never had come across before. His main character is a dog. I’m pretty sure that it is a bulldog; its name seems to be Phatty and it is an animal with balanced character. A visit of his Instagram account lead to the information […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

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Notes from a Berlin friend

For my part extreme weather conditions lead to extremely bad mood. The current situation is no exception, and I can only advise everyone to leave me alone, my mood is quiet explosive. And as I do not have to show new pictures made by myself, I continue showing pictures of my Berlin friend. This wasp […]

NOMAD CLAN & Christopher Street Day

I  know, this is late, but I would like to draw your attention to an event, I would not miss, when I were near Berlin tomorrow. URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART is actively participating in Christopher Street Day in Berlin with its own truck designed by THE NOMAD CLAN [1]. In cooperation with […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

Temperatures are still rising in Germany. For today they have promised 38°C in Essen. No clouds in sight at all. Therefore Plan B and same procedure as yesterday: a bucket of cold water and the pictures taken by my Berlin friend. This racoon is a commissioned work for Mensch Meier, a club in Berlin Lichtenberg. […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

It’s midsummer in Germany and in the Ruhr Area it’s hot. 29°C in the early morning and rising rapidly.  I thought everything moves faster with heat, but that seems to be not true for my brain. So it might be easier to continue with some more pictures of my berlin friend. That gives me the […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

Hegermühle; SKUR.ILL THE BUDDYS TEAM et al.

Notes from a Berlin friend

Please don’t let me be misunderstood: everyone starts small and has to practice – and learn about the unwritten rules of the graffiti community. Absolute forbidden and uncool is to cross a piece of a master. Now listen; I’ve got news for you: NOBODY LOVES TOYS! Particularly when they cross pieces created by NASCA & […]

Villa RÜ in July

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