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Berlin in October – 3rd day

The weather forecast for the 3rd of October, the German Unity Day, was subterrean. Wind and heavy rain, but in the morning it was drizzling only and so I took courage and set out for one more Hall of Fame, situated in Schöneberg, not far away from Bülowstraße and Urban Nation – Museum for Urban […]

A beached sperm whale, 1001 bottle messages and the orange light district

My maternal ancestors were from Duisburg and lived in Meiderich for a long time, were my mother and her siblings were born and educated. All my uncles, my grandfather and later my father worked for August Thyssen-Hütte and Phoenix Rheinrohr, and so I spent my first school years at primary school in Duisburg Meiderich and […]

The first walk of the year

At least regularly life is back again, and after Christmas and New Years Day and all the hustle around these days, I took the last chance to see an exhibition that was on my agenda for a long time. Museum Folkwang, situated in Essen Rüttenscheid, showed Oct. 2, 2015 – Jan. 10, 2016: „The shadow […]