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Wright Festival Bochum – ZONE56 & REBEL73 have finished their mural at Königsallee 2

An expierience I often have is, taking pictures in the streets, passerbys ask themselves what the hell is that woman taking pictures of there? I see them hesitate and look to the direction, the camera points out, which is mostly contrary to the normal lines of sight, a pedestrian commonly has. The new mural at […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

DXTR THE WEIRD & ROOKIE THE WEIRD Graffiti Corner at Wühlischstraße / Böcklinstraße

Notes from a Berlin friend

Things seem to come thick and fast in Berlin. My friend seems to be always on the move. He drives me to the borders of madness and sends me mails with his spectacular findings once an hour. HERR VON BIAS, DXTR, ROOKIE (THEWEIRD) at Wiesenweg; Berlin Lichtenberg  

Notes from a Berlin friend

In a mayor painting project, realised in the area of „Alt Glienicke“ in several workshops, a huge fassade, several columns and seating areas in a housing complex in Berlin Köpenick have been painted. The final realisation was done with workshop groups, Caro Pepe, AKTEone and AGE AGE.

Wright Festival Bochum – progress of work at this year’s murals

At Springerplatz 40, mural 1 by SINERO was finished. The neighbours, Olli Rose & Jan Schoch aka TEAM FORCE & FIRE, are in full swing. Their work might be finished til the next weekend. Due to illness of one of the artists based in East Germany, the published schedule of Wright Festival had got mixed up […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

Paste-Up; DECYCLE (12/2016) Paste-Up; A1ONE (02/2018) Paste-Up; A1ONE & Unknown Artist (09/2018) Viehofer Straße

Positive Vibration – Essen has got two pieces of the Berlin Wall designed by Heinz J. Kuzdas & Thierry Noir

Mostly when leaving well-trodden paths behind, you’ll find something unexpected. In Essen’s Creative Quarter North, that is the normal stage, but here too are corners, I seldomly come across. And so I was quite surprised to find two original pieces of the Berlin Wall, which is now a worldwide symbol for remembrance and peace, next […]

Wright Festival Bochum – TEAM FORCE & FIRE work in progress at Springerplatz 40

Due to their published schedule Wright Festival should have started today their second mural at Königsallee 2. When I arrived at the scene in the afternoon, I found the wall was scaffolded, but the announced artists ZONE56 & REBEL73 were not in sight. So I headed for Springerplatz 40, to have a look at the […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

Felix & Matthias Gephart have been guests in Essen for Hafendampf several times; that is why I know about the brothers and their work. My Berlin friend has found a work of them at the former RAW property in Berlin-Friedrichshain in July and I have to confess that I again have changed the colour of […]

Wright Festival Bochum – SINERO work in progress at Springerplatz 40

Due to their published schedule Wright Festival has started the first mural at Springerplatz 40. SINERO, freelance artist (probably) based in Bielefeld, has started work on Friday. More pictures -> click