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HoF Auf der Donau in January

The new year had a somewhat bumpy start. The weather conditions in the first few days were not very motivating to go for longer walks and so there are 3 weeks between my last visit at HoF Auf der Donau. Time enough to miss a lot. A lot of pieces were already older and accordingly […]


After a hard night at diverse bottles, it’s always a good idea to let the wind blow around your nose, so this morning I followed my tradition of greeting the new year with a long walk. To hall of Fame Auf der Donau, where else? Of course, the hall also has comments to make on […]

HoF Auf der Donau in December

HELENA KOSMONAUT x TEK ATG & PILZ GATO & SCRIB Location more pictures -> click

HoF Auf der Donau in November

When you visit a Graffiti Hall of Fame on the morning of the 1st of November, you of course expect a paint job befitting the occasion. Skeletons, skulls (I love skulls), ghosts, pumpkins; that sort of thing. What you don’t expect are graffiti artists at work. My first thought (Don’t they ever sleep?) quickly changed […]

The first walk of the new year

For me it has been a tradition since the beginning of my interest for graffiti and street art, to take the first walk of the year to the Danube. Essen is next to the Danube; one of our halls of fame is called Donau – after the river, just like the street „Auf der Donau“ […]

In good company of CVA & GFS …

My dear friends of graffiti and street art, the year 2021 draws to a close and before everyone sinks into hibernation, there is not much more to say than „Frohe Weihnachten allüberall“. Means (free translated): Merry X-mas all over near or far. Please find the comments of the local graffit scene below, as far as […]

New Kids in Town

KIES, KOSTN, ZASTER – in German language all synonyms for money. It seems, that we have a new group of writers in town, who have founded a new crew named ATM. I don’t know that much about them, but I’m pretty sure that we will get more of them. KIES ATM KOSTN ATM ZASTER ATM

One Thing is for sure – The Change

LIMEY x BAROK (04/2019) & EWG x EIER (06/2019) More pictures of HoF Auf der Donau in June -> click

I love those squirrels

Legal walls tend to produce pieces of high quality; artists have time enough there and it’s not necessary to look over the shoulder all the time while painting. That is why I try to visit the legal walls in Essen frequently. Visiting the walls „Auf der Donau“ downtown Essen is quite attractive. The local graffiti […]

OVAO x HAER „Auf der Donau“

Any resemblance to Ronald McDonald is purely coincidental More fresh pictures from that walls -> click