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Hangover Gallery shows PS – I LOVE YOU

It was a courageous step, to start a new gallery at the height of the pandemic and in economically difficult times, but culture is important, especially in difficult times, and it must go on. So in August 2021 with the exhibition of works by R.F.ART and Frank Brenner, Hangover Gallery was opened at Stresemannstraße 41 […]

Mercy – the Russians are coming

This is a sad day. It’s 30 years ago since the Berlin Wall has fallen and the Cold War has come to an end. I never thought that I would have to face war again on European soil within my lifetime. But – sad but true – Russia made truth on its months-long threats and […]

Varieties – The Peanuts – Charlie Brown and Friends

Charles M. Schulz knew what he was doing when he created the lovable eternal loser Charlie Brown and his friends. The characters of the Peanuts always deal with the really big questions. The bossy, sharp-tongued Lucy offers psychological help and Charlie Brown makes use of her when he despairs of life. Snoopy, his Beagle, who, […]

Varieties – Superman

Superheroes don’t exist? Au contraire – they are all around us, the heroes of everyday life. But apart of all those people keeping society going, there is Superman. For me still the superhero par excellence and finding him in the streets is always pure fun. RF ART USW (02/2015) unknown artist (2016) & MATRYOSHKA (2017) […]

Varieties – Garfield

I hate beeing restricted (#FUCKCORONA) and watch myself getting angrier every day and most of all, more impatient. With my fellow human beings, who are becoming more and more inconsiderate every day – and with the politicians, who are failing all along the line all the time. So let us return to a more pleasant […]

Varieties – Cops

Lets go on with my mini series „Varieties“. It will help me getting through the period of my voluntary retirement from public life. I hopefully won’t run out of ideas until there is more reliable information about Omicron, the new Corona mutation (#FUCKCORONA): I started with the virus itself and ended with the plague and […]

Let’s talk about Goch baby – Live long and prosper

U.S.S. Bird of Spray has landed in Goch. I was there and saw it exactly. They have landed, left their spaceship and swarmed out – and now they are everywhere amongst us – …to boldly spray where no one has sprayed before. The Spockemons. OLGA, their mother, has long since lost control. Her creatures have […]

Let’s talk about Goch Baby

Please let me introduce to you my personal GhmS-festival guide. He is a real gentleman cat with style and was designed in collaboration of METRADA & TIANOO THE CAT. Well dressed for every occasion, with top hat and monocle, west and tie. He had welcomed me the day before in red and guided me through […]

Let’s talk about Goch Baby

The pictures shown here are somewhat outdated. Due to a number of technical problesms with my computer equipment, I was unable to show them in time. But now – here I am. Due to Corona it wasn’t easy to plan vacation as usual this year. I didn’t fancy the idea, sittting in a train for […]

The gong sounds to the next round for 40° Urban Art Festival

When I posted about the birthday party for Kiefernstraße two days ago, it had escaped my attention that this celebration is also simultaneously the next 40° Urban Art Festival in Düsseldorf. If I have counted correctly, this is the 5th festival in a row since 2013, when it started with the first edition. Since then […]