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Mister Oreo Birthday Bash

It has almost become a tradition; the birthday of MISTER OREO is celebrated with a Graffiti Jam in the very best company at Hall of Fame Alte Kaserne in Duisburg. For the party good friends get together for a barbeque and as long as sausages and more are cooking on the grill, they pass the […]

No one loves Party Poopers

Just recently I have learned that there is a technical term for what I’m doing: I am a street art spotter and as such not really part of the graffiti scene, but somehow still. I only observe and document the actual state that prevails at the moment of my arrival. I don’t see myself as […]

HoF Alte Kaserne in May

Hall of Fame Alte Kaserne is a playground for artists of all stripes from near or far. And they all are very well prepared to fire out of all cans. DOM45 EULE x HOBEL x TAIR MGS POUT x OREO x PERN more pictures -> click

HoF Alte Kaserne in March

Looking for space to find distraction from the absolute disastrous news from Ukraine, I decided to make a walk at Duisburg’s hall of fame in Wanheimerort. HoF Alte Kaserne – always a guarantee for good mood through colour! MROF DOM45 OSW MROF PLB more pictures -> click

HoF Alte Kaserne in January

Its time to serve the dessert of my 3 course menu and come to an end with the test run of the brandnew car of my sister. The last stop of our day trip was HoF Alte Kaserne. It was still Sunday and this hall was very busy too – what else? So the same […]