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HoF Villa RÜ in November

Lately I have neglected Villa RÜ a bit and when I did take the time, the pieces I found were no longer untouched and painted over unattractively. Today, however, Villa RÜ has given rich gifts. DEBIL CVA & BLIND IB THE TOP NOTCH & SHIK CVA USW & 0ae Location More pictures -> click

HoF Villa RÜ in September

This cat looks harmless, but make no mistake and beware, this is not a kitten! The claws are filed to a needle point. Somehow I can identify with this little animal. That excuse „Sorry Mum – Gone to REAL“ could be mine! And many greetings back! BARIO LYP CVA x BYE MR. PILZ DEBIL x […]

HoF Villa RÜ in August

OK – There is a fiftyfifty chance that I am right to name the true originator of this funny cactus. Last time I was bloody wrong and it wasn’t BRES who had painted it. This time I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, this cactus was made by NICK KNITE. I’m […]

HoF Villa RÜ in July

It’s holiday time, which means that the villa is not too busy. And that’s a good thing, because it gave me enough time to come back with a freshly charged battery. A camera not ready for use; that hasn’t happened to me for a long time! 0ae CLUST FTC STIER x DEST TDB Location More […]

HoF Villa RÜ in July

My readers have known for a long time that I come from the Ruhr region. Like everywhere else, we also have our own special tone of voice; translating sayings from the region is not easy. In this case, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be ladylike either. Let’s put it this way: someone who is doing extremely […]

HoF Villa RÜ in June

One wonders how one is able to hold a can with such sharply filed fingernails, let alone operate it. But as you can see, it’s not impossible BARIO LYP TONEY x BRICKS AND DRIPS PASS Location More pictures -> click

HoF Villa RÜ in June

Legal walls can be used for more than only fun. KEDO, member of 134crew, also uses his talent to draw attention to Rosa’s fate. Rosa is 8 years old, loves dinosaurs and is in the second grade. She has leukaemia and urgently needs a stem cell donation. And even though Rosa has found a donor […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

When I started to take pictures of HoF Villa RÜ, my point of interest was the painted wall. The façade of the building was almost untouched by the writters and so it’s a problem to find a proper picture to document the condition of the façade at that time. It was – and still is […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

Hall of Fame Villa RÜ is well known to be one of Essen’s legal walls which can be painted spontaneously and without permission. But only the wall opposite the building is legal; the house wall of the villa is made of open-pored stone and is not approved for spraying, which was well respected for a […]

HoF Villa RÜ in February

Even if I don’t have much time at the moment, Hall of Fame Villa RÜ is around the corner. ZMEL & OTIM CSM and others SIR Location More pictures -> click