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One Thing is for sure – The Change

It was in March 2019 when I have seen this wolf-mechanimal, designed by ARDIF in Düsseldorf Bilk, Brunnenstraße 7 for the first time. Yesterday I have seen it again and it was almost untouched after all these years. The change we are talking about here concerns the immediate environment of this wolf. The entrance to […]

Bilk S has got a facelifting

Until recently, Bilk S was a stop for local trains only and the surroundings for the common passer-by not really attractive. Entrance, walls and surrounding columns were playground for the street art scene and the pasted and sprayed walls gave the passer-by cause for many a rant. No question, for the street art enthusiast a […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

My last visit in Bilk was for 40° Urban Art Festival 2020. Corona and it’s latest variety, was the reason why I was somewhat reluctant to make excursions to neighbouring cities like Dortmund or Düsseldorf. No wonder that there were a lot of changes during the years; also some, that are no longer new. Friedrichstraße […]

No Easter Bunnies in Essen too

A closer look to the blogposts of the past few years showed, that I have thematized a number of Easter accessoires like eggs and hares. Even umbrella drinks for easter have beeen a theme and a proper and representative carriage. What remains after that all? Easter lambs! Nada! Not a single lamb to be found […]


BILMO DE BACHATA is a street artist, who appeared on my radar 2017. He is based somewhere in nowhere between Düsseldorf and Cologne. His street name has found him in a tapas bar, where he was taken away by music a la „me gusta la bachta“. Since then his friends call him like that. He […]

Pretty Portal shows – ARDIF solo show „MACHINaturE vs MachiNATURE“

How do you measure the success of an exhibition? I would say that this question is easy to answer. The proportion of exhibited works and red dots, showing that the work is sold, tells enough. According to this, the newest exhibition opened at Pretty Portal on 22nd March, is the most successful exhibition ever. Düsseldorf […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

  Paste-Up: JANA & JS (2015) x ARDIF(2018)   Paste-Up: ARDIF (2018) Brause; Bilker Allee 233

Luck Five – ANXT

There are not many German terms, to find the way into the international linguistic usage. The term „German Anxt“ was able to prevail. It refers to the phenomenon of gratuitous fear or anxiety and is felt as typically German especially by observers from the Anglo-Saxon area. What has this got to do with the writer […]

Giant creepy-crawly sighted at Brause

This former cashpoint with old fashioned glass front of a small vintage petrol station has mutated in August 2001 to a social club with a number of concerts, readings, exhibitions and much more. Probably for the latest exhibition „Sticky Art“ which has shown everything around stickers, STUESSYDAN has knighted the facade with a giant cockroach. 

Oldies but Goldies

Coming from Bilk S, on my way to Floragarten, I always have to pass Haus Niederrhein, which seems to be a traditional restaurant and pub in Düsseldorf Bilk. I have always been very upset about the containers, housing the site offices of the urban rail construction site. These containers completely reduced the visibility of a […]