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Sold Out Gallery shows – HIFI(ONE) solo show

I would like to draw your attention to the HIFI(ONE) solo show. It takes place at Sold Out Gallery (Königsallee 16, Bochum) from 1.12.2017 – 6.2. 2018. Denis Klatt aka HIFI(ONE) is diligent. This year he has realized two stunning murals in the Ruhr area. In Dortmund at Speicherstraße and in Bochum at Hermannshöhe, he […]

One thing is for sure – the change

  DECYCLE 01/2017   DECYCLE 12/2017 Bermuda3eck / Königsallee

TRANSURBAN Bochum – DEMON & THE TOP NOTCH have finished their mural at Weiherstraße

On my way to Bochum I have had plenty of time to speculate about the newest mural of Essen’s dream team DEMON & THE TOP NOTCH at Weiherstraße / Knüwerweg. A fish or a bird, or something else? That was the question! What I found was a mural in their typical style and colours. The […]

TRANSURBAN Bochum – another unannounced wall at Malersaal (Schauspielhaus)

I would like to draw your attention to a new mural for TRANSURBAN in Bochum, where work is in progress now. The artiststs, from Bochum and Mönchengladbach, intend to finish their work at Malersaal, Saladin-Schmitt-Straße / Weiherstraße in the course of Tuesday.

TRANSURBAN Bochum – Henning Marten Feil has finished his mural at Neustraße

Pedestrians passing Neustraße in Bochum’s city centre in the future will be mesmerized by the shimmering underwater world of a coral reef, where a living fossile, a nautilus, guards a colourful reef society. For more pictures -> click

TRANSURBAN Bochum – KIBE & BIRD have finished their mural at Brüderstraße 1

There are a lot of graffiti crews and writer teams in the Ruhr area that play premium league. It is impossible to decide which one is the best. That depends. But anyone who knows me will know, that in the Ruhr Area this team is my favorite writer team. There is not much more to […]

TRANSURBAN Bochum – the whale is back

Denis Klatt aka HIFI has repaired the damage caused by some smearings at his mural of a sperm whale at Hermannshöhe. Now his whale again swims a sun-drenched sea with spots of sunlight at its skin unaffected by any slogan. Thank you so much HIFI.

TRANSURBAN Bochum – I’m lost for words…

When I got up today it was raining cats and dogs and I decided to stay at home and adorn my sofa with a cuddly blanket, in my oldest tattered jeans and a pot of tea, not to forget a book. Then I have made a mistake, checked my email first and found a message […]

KIBE & BIRD have refreshed Oskar-Hoffmann-Straße 85

I don’t know exactly when KIBE & BIRD will start their mural for TRANSURNAN at Brüderstraße 1. According to my information, the licence to operate the mobile elevated platform in the pedestrian zone has been given. Meanwhile the artists have made finger exercises at Oskar-Hoffmann-Straße 85.

TRANSURBAN Bochum – Neustraße à la surprise

  When I was in Bochum today I first walked to Brüderstraße to find out if KIBE and BIRD have already started their work for TRANSURBAN, but no trace exists of them having been at that spot yet. I was told that it’s a problem to get a permission for the car with elevating platform […]