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Adler 59 forever

I’ve no idea how many times I’ve said it, nor how many times I have to say it again in the future: my favorite spot in Dortmund’s Unionviertel is the backyard of Adlerstraße 59. I’m still waiting for someone to give me a hint, to find a spot to top the special atmosphere in this place. […]

Wanted – Chameleon

A heart for birds

There seem to be a new player with a fresh idea in Essen’s street art scene, who has a heart for birds. He/she/they install/s lovingly designed nesting boxes midst the desert, we’re calling city centre. I am certainly looking forward for the first winged residents moving in; always providing that no one will remove them […]

A walk in Aachen

Have you ever been in Aachen? I wasn’t there until yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, all I knew `til yesterday was, that Aachen is a highly attractive destination. Beyond the common tourist attractions like the Roman residues and the medieval heart of the city with cathedral and its Treasury, Aachen is a student city with […]

Lichtwendel – Creative Quarter North has got a new light installation

In a competition of Essen Marketing GmbH, which is the driving force behind Essen’s annual Illumination Weeks, art-project „LichtWENDEL“ of Lars Meeß-Olsohn prevailed. The project was realized at Kopstadtplatz, which is a marker for one of the entrance gates of Creative Quarter North. As it is illuminated with coloured light, it has an interesting effect […]

One thing is for sure – the change

Vinyl-Art by TONA & JOINY seen near BERMUDA3ECK; 01/2017 & 10/2017 From old to new; Rotunde at old main station; 01/2017 & 10/2017

Unionviertel – Residues of Adler/Sternstraßenfest

Once a year the neighbourhood at Adlerstraße and Sternstraße celebrates a big party. Street artists then take the chance to do what they do best: they bring colour to the game. STRIPED GUYS has done a great job. P.S. After the publication of this article I got a message, that most of these pipe cleaner […]

Ladybug – Landing or Lift Off?

Not long ago, in January, EINSA CE has had a solo show at Sold Out Gallery in Bochum. I have been there and spent a long time viewing his creatures. Non more so his chameleon with its eye rolling mechanism and this bug! Now it has followed me to Essen. I hope it will stay […]

Sunday – Words for the (election)day

  SWEETSNINI AFD is healable – Go Vote Heliosstrasse, Cologne

Hedgehopper from Düsseldorf sighted downtown Essen

Not expecting anything bad I strolled around the city center, mainly to take a better picture of the STRIPED GUYS in Rathenaustraße / Kapuzinergasse. When I had found those guys on last saturday I only had my small pocket camera with me and so I wasn’t quite satisfied with my pictures. On my way to […]