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Kombüse 59 showed „Tabuzonen“ – solo show SEI LEISE

Normally the time between two journeys isn’t that short like this time. My trip to Amsterdam was planned far in advance; Berlin came up unexpected, so what else could I do? I had to travel both in a very short time. I already had begun with the preparations for Amsterdam, when my organizer pointed out […]

5 days of Berlin – Part V

Whenever I am in a strange town, I try to get an overview from an elevated position. Two years ago, during my last visit in Berlin, I visited the Reichstag dome, which is a symbol of the German capital and 47 m high. It was very impressive, but this time I’ve planned to make it […]

5 days of Berlin – Part IV

Thursday – the day after THE HAUS – and I was still battered down! And all throughout is Berlin! To get in gear this morning was hard, and so I decided to take it easy and leave my decisions to the spur of the moment.

5 days of Berlin – Part III

Words hardly can express what I felt and what I have experienced in „THE HAUS“. What expresses it best is: B   A   N   G   !!!

5 days of Berlin – Part II

It was Tuesday and my tension increased to high voltage. As I had tried to get a guided tour in THE HAUS for Tuesday and failed, I postponed my visit to Wednesday. Some things just can’t be predicted, so it’s a good idea to be prepared and have a contingency plan.

5 days of Berlin – Part I

As I had made plans for a trip to Amsterdam, a visit of Berlin has not been in the pipeline. Then, in January, I heard about The Haus – Berlin Art Bang and the situation changed immediately. The more details had come to my attention, for me it became pretty clear very early, Berlin Art […]

The return of Charlie Brown

Do you remember my post due to a new designed garage gate near Brause in Düsseldorf Bilk? L.E.T. had replaced one of my favorites with a new piece and I must confess that I was sad and mourned after it – temporary nature of street art or not! So I was  absolutely delighted to find […]

One thing is for sure – the change

Villa RÜ in April

  Villa RÜ in spring For more fresh pictures of Villa RÜ -> click

Seen in passing

Popeye the sailor Altenessen Station