The JBCB Crew JUKEBOX COWBOYS was established by the Munich illustrator and graffiti writer FLYING FÖRTRESS, who has been living and working in Hamburg since 2007. JBCB combines classic graffiti on freight and passenger trains with elaborate concept walls, as well as extravagant street bombings and tags. The crew was established in 2010 in Hamburg, and is made up of some of the most innovative players of the German and European graffiti movement. I don’t have hard facts due to the members of the crew. All I have, is the names of writers which are quoted due to the pieces I found over the time. And here they are, but, as always, no guarantee of completeness and no warranty of any kind!
  • BLOK
  • CRAP
  • DEMO
  • HEIS
  • MEKI
  • MOST
  • MYNT
  • NIKE
  • RIZE
  • SHOK
  • SKOE
  • ZAY
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